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Welcome to Kids Day @ SLAC 2009

Workshop Option E, Ages 12 - 16 years

  Activity Hazards Mitigation

Optics: Learn about lenses, focusing and laser light bending through materials. Just like Galileo, build your own telescope to take home and explore the world around you and beyond – GET FOCUSED!

  • Get laser beam (extremely low power) in your eye
  • Don’t look into laser light.
  • Don't point the laser at anyone else.

Astrophysics:  Ever wonder what your face looks like from across the Universe? Learn how gravity distorts your face and how astronomers use that to hunt for the mysterious dark matter! Fly through our Universe in 3D, see exploding stars and ride along with our planets. Explore the solar system with your own two feet.


  • Follow instructions
Ages 9 - 11 years
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