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Welcome to Kids Day @ SLAC 2009

Workshop Option A, Ages 9 - 11 years

Activity Hazards Mitigation

Mechanics 1: Build your own acrylic piggy bank; working with a mechanical technician assemble your very own piggy bank – COOL!

  • Cuts, bumps, or scrapes from dropping or slipping tools or sharp edges of parts.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Use clamps and keep your hands away from moving parts.
  • Pull hair back.
  • Wear safety glasses.

Biology: Look closely at the world around you! Using microscopes, look at real structures - UGLY!

  • Cuts, bumps, scrapes from dropping or slipping tools.
  • Wash your hands after experiments; don’t drink solutions; tell the instructor if you break a microscope slide and stay away from moving robot parts.
  • Wear safety glasses.

Radiation: You will use different radiation detection instruments to find different types of sources and radioactive materials that are common. Suit-up, you will find hidden radiation sources – GET HOT!

  • Radiation (very small amounts – a fraction of what would be received from a medical x-ray).
  • Listen to your instructor.
  • Leave everything where you found it.

Hydro Rockets: At SLAC we look at tiny sub atomic particles. We send our detectors into space on rockets - HAVE A BLAST!

  • Plastic bottle under pressure could rupture.
  • Getting hit by a rocket.
  • Stand back while bottle is pressurized and launched; pay attention and DO NOT TRY TO CATCH IT!
  • Wear safety glasses.
Ages 9 - 11 years
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Ages 9 - 11 years
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