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Welcome to Kids Day @ SLAC 2009

Morning Welcome/Science Talks with David Fritz and Yvonne Edmonds.

SLAC's young scientists talk about how they became interested in their field of research.

Due to space limitations, sponsors, parents, and escorts will not be able to attend the morning sessions.

9:00 am, Panofsky Auditorium
9 - 11 years old

David Fritz

9:00 am, Redwood Rooms (ROB)
12 - 16 years old

Yvonne Edmonds

Afternoon Science Talks with Joy Hayter and Risa Wechsler

Kids, sponsors, escorts and other workshop volunteers are invited to an ice cream social on the lawn in front of the breezeway of Panofsky Auditorium at 2:30, just after the last workshop is over. There will be an opportunity to relax and re-energize before the final, fun science talks.

3:00 pm, Panofsky Auditorium
9 - 11 years old

X-ray vision

How do you take pictures of things thinner than one of the hairs on your head? You use an x-ray microscope with tiny lenses. X-rays are made of light with wavelengths so small you can't see it with your own eyes, but they are perfect for looking at very small things. We will see some pictures and movies of miniscule creatures from the sea, the insides of mouse bones, and look at the insides of diamonds.


Joy Hayter

3:00 pm, Kavli Auditorium
12 - 16 years old

Galaxies: The Universe's Time Machine

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Although for that your best bet may be a souped up DeLorian, giant telescopes that observe far away galaxies allow us to see back in time. In fact, because light from distant galaxies takes time to travel to us, everything we see in space provides a glimpse into the past. In this presentation we will see how this allows us to actually observe the formation and evolution of the galaxies from the earliest moments of time to the present.

Risa Wechsler
Risa Wechsler

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