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Welcome to Kids Day @ SLAC 2009

Workshop Option F, Ages 12 - 16 years

  Activity Hazards Mitigation
Electric Motors 2008

Electric Motors: Build your own motor with wire, magnets, a battery and other bits and pieces! Run it and test it! How the heck does this thing work? You’ll have the answers – SPIN OUT!

  • Cuts, bumps, or scrapes from dropping or slipping tools or sharp edges of parts.
  • Follow instructions when using tools.
  • Listen to your instructor.

Mechanics 2: Make a maglight! Head for the machine shop and, working one-on-one with a machinist, machine the reflector on a lathe. Using a mill, thread the body to attach to reflector. Shrink fit end piece for final assembly. Make a machinist drawing and compare materials - LET IT SHINE!

  • Smashed fingers.
  • Flying metal when using the machines.
  • Very cold liquids that can burn you.
  • Keep hands out of the way of the machine and cutting edges.
  • Be careful when hammering the pieces together.
  • Be careful around the cryogenics – the very cold liquids.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Keep hair tied back.
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