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Welcome to Kids Day @ SLAC 2009

Workshop Option B, Ages 9 - 11 years

  Activity Hazards Mitigation

Paleontology: There is a dinosaur at SLAC! Well, not a dinosaur but a really old (15 million years old) mammal! Learn about Paleoparadoxia, unearthed here at SLAC. Go on your own expedition - DIG DEEP!

  • Critters.
  • Cutting or bumping yourself with a digging tool.
  • Look for and keep away from critters (snakes, ticks and spiders).
  • Wash your hands when done.
  • Use tools carefully.
  • Wear safety glasses.

Earth Day: Junior Hydrogeologists Wanted! Invent a filter to clean dirty water (and learn a little about soil and groundwater aquifers in the process).
  • Cuts, bumps or scrapes from dropping or slipping tools.
  • Listen to your instructor.
  • Do not drink the water used for the activity.
  • Wash hands when done.

Monster Muscles: Learn how levers and pulleys work. Play tug of war and see the little guy over come the big guy! Weigh yourself and learn how to lift yourself up with half your weight! Brains, not brawn, win - RULE!

  • Fingers pinched in pulleys.
  • Sudden drop in lever.
  • Pay attention to what is going on.
  • Watch you fingers.

Magnetics: Build your own electromagnet and use it in a “shocking” demonstration of “step up” power. Test your aim with a magnet powered accelerator. Make your own magnets and - PUSH! PULL!

  • Electricity
  • Listen to your instructor.
  • Wear safety glasses.
Ages 9 - 11 years
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