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Software Tutorials


AIDA Software Framework and APIs [video] (Jul 2002)
G. White & G. McIntyre. Accelerator Integrated Data Access (AIDA) Framework, APIs Status and Further Work. Slideshow available on EDS Software Engineering site.

Anti-Virus Tutorial (May 2000)
[v.5] [G2]
InocuLAN and anti-virus protection for SLAC. Presented by Greg Daly, SLAC Senior Information Specialist, SCS NT Support Group.

Installing Outlook (Apr 2000)
[v.5] [G2]
Outlines a typical Outlook install for NT administrators. Presented by Dennis Winsinski.
SLAC-Specific Tutorials
BaBar Software Tutorials (May - Nov 2000)
Tutorials on BaBar-specific software for new collaborators.
Linear Collider Detector Software Tutorial (Nov 1999)
Tutorial given at SLAC by Peskin, Dubois, Johnson, Mike Ronan, and Bruce Schumm

Web & Internet
So You Want to be a Web Author [video] (Mar 2000)
By Ruth McDunn, SLAC Home Page Web Information Manager.
FrontPage [video] (Mar 2000)
By Ruth McDunn

JavaScript [video] (Apr 2000)
By Bebo White


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