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Special Events

SPEAR at 30 [video] (Apr 2003)
SSRL celebrates 30 years of the Stanford Positron-Electron Assymmetric Ring.
SLAC's 40th Anniversary (Oct 2002)
  » SLAC: The Movie [video] (silent version), by SciArts Media
  » The Birth of SLAC [video], W.K.H. Panofsky
  » SLAC’s Contribution to Particle Physics [video], H. Harari
  » SLAC in the Future [video], J. Dorfan
  » more...
Visitors of Note

Secretary of Energy Spencer Abrahams [video] (Nov 2002)

SLAC Family Day [video] (2002)
Fun and frolicking on the SLAC campus.
Burton Richter Celebration (2000)
From his early days at MIT and Stanford to his influence on international physics and technology...
Sid Drell Symposium (1998)
  » Introduction by Condoleeza Rice [LAN] [28K]
  » Sid Drell and Quantum Field Theory [LAN] [28K], M. Peskin
  » Realities of Ballistic Missile Defense [LAN] [28K], T. Postol
  » more...

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