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Other Lectures

SSI 2003: Cosmic Connections (Aug 2003)
Explores connectio
ns between HEP and cosmic microwave background, inflation, dark matter, the formation of the universe, and cosmic rays.
SLAC Colloquium:
  » Quantum fluctuations in the Primordial Soup [G2] [v.5] (Feb 2002), R. Kolb
String Fields & Space-Time [video] (May 2000)
Eva Silvertein, SLAC Theory Group, discusses string theory. Presented by the Women's Interchange at SLAC.

Web & Computing
WWW-10: The Once & Future Web (Dec 2001)
A celebration of the accomplishments of the past decade and a serious look forward at the technologies and issues spawned by the Web Revolution.
Interlab 99 (Nov 1999)
Workshop on tools for site management, authoring, and collaboration.
HEPix/HEPNT (Oct 1999)
Computing resources for Physics, including Windows, Linux, storage, file systems, etc.
SLAC Colloquium (1997-2000)
  » Bringing the Web to America [G2] [v.5] P. Kunz [Jun 1999]
  » The Invention of the Transistor [G2] [v.5] M. Riordan [Oct 1997]
Software Tutorials
Learn how to install Outlook, author your own website and more.
Voice Activation Software (2004)
Demonstration and discussion of voice-recognition software

Statistics and Numerical Methods in High Energy Physics (Aug - Sep 2002)
SLUO Series featuring Frank Porter (Caltech) and Roger Barlow (Manchester U.)


General Interest
[Links are directly to video]

The Gravest Danger, Nuclear Weapons and their Proliferation

Sid Drell, former SLAC deputy director and professor, continues to tackle the controversial issues. [Nov. 2003]

Discovery of the Tau Lepton
Martin Perl, SLAC professor and Nobel laureate, discusses climate of HEP at the time of his Nobel winning experiment. [Oct. 2003]
Hidden Cost of the Drug War
Joseph McNamara, former Police Chief of San Jose and award-winning novelist, discusses gangster cops and the war on drugs. [Mar 2001]
Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light
Author Leonard Shlain tracks breakthroughs in art and physics side by side to reveal an astonishing correlation of visions. [May 2002]
Nuclear Weapons after the Cold War
Wolfgang K. H. Panofksy examines the danger of modern nuclear proliferation. [Nov 2002]
The Global Warming Debate: Good Science or Bad Politics?
Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford Dept of Ecological Sciences, parses the contentious issues of global warming from a scientific and economic perspective. [Jul 2002]
Terrorism, globalization and fear: Physics in the 21st century
Irving Lerch, Director of International Affairs
of The American Physical Society, explores the possibilities for international science in the modern age. [Jun 2002]
Talks by Max Dresden
From the German Bomb to how to win the Nobel Prize, Max Dresden chats about Physics with wit and charm.
  » Heisenberg's War and the Farm Hall Tapes
  » History of Quantum Ideas
  » The Nobel Syndrome, History and Impact
  » more...

Personal Growth
[Links are directly to video]
Complete List of Lectures by Women's Interchange at SLAC (WIS)
Take A Mini-Vacation through Your Imagination
M. Horngren, Sept 2003
Discover the power of guided imagery and how you can reduce your stress by strengthening your mind-body connection.
Breaking Out of Gridlock: Tackling "Unsolvable" Problems In Your Relationship
R. Gomperts & S. Owicki, July 2003
From near to far, from here to there, funny things are everywhere
Dr. Persis Drell (Assoc. Director, SLAC Research Division), June 2003
Promoting Yourself Professionally and Personally
J. Zoccoli, March 2003

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