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World's Fastest Internet Connection [video] (June 2003)
Les Cottrell of SCS talks about winning the Land Speed Record on TechTV

NBC Looks at SLAC [video] (Oct 2002)
"This may look like a portion of the death star, but there is actually very important research being done right here..." A short news feature that ran on KNTV11 (NBC3)

They love us in Australia [video] (Aug 2002)
An Australian news channel takes a look at "one of the largest and longest-running experiments in the world!"

About SLAC Media
NY exhibit "Signatures of the Invisible" offers new look at art & physics (Jul 2003)
Features short film, Physics Icons [video], by Chip Dalby of Scientific Arts.
SLAC: The Movie Gets Animated Response (Dec 2002)
Guests wowed by movie charting SLAC history, by SciArts Media. Watch SLAC: The Movie [video] (silent version).

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