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High Energy Physics Lectures & Conferences

Conferences & Symposia
SLAC Summer Institute (SSI):
  » Cosmic Connections (Aug 2003)
Explores connections between HEP and cosmic microwave background, inflation, dark matter, the formation of the universe, and cosmic rays.
  » Secrets of the B Meson (Aug 2002)
Reviews the basic physics, the rapid recent progress, and the exciting future prospects for studies of B mesons, charmed particles and kaons.
  » Exploring Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (Aug 2001)
Explores questions of electroweak symmetry, the Higgs boson, the "origin of mass" and the future of particle physics.
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Physics in Collision (July 2002)
Speakers review and update key topics in elementary particle physics, focusing on experimental results and their implications.
Lepton-Photon 99 (Aug 1999)
International symposium reviewing status reports on the new B Factories, new accelerator technologies and recent developments in particle-astrophysics and cosmology.
Lecture Series
SLAC Colloquium (1997-2000)
A wide range of topics from the first web site in America to the invention of the transistor.
  » The Heirarchy Problem: Extra Dimensions and Gravitational Resonances at Colliders [G2] [v.5] (Apr 2000), R. Sundrum
  » Quantum fluctuations in the Primorial Soup [G2] [v.5] (Feb 2000), R. Kolb

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Accelerator Physics Series (Jan - Jun 1999)
Fields, beams and how particles are accelerated, including SPEAR, PEP II, SLC & NLC.
CP Violation Series (Jul - Dec 1997)
Presentations on CP Violation and B Physics

The Future of SLAC (Mar - Jun 2003)
Scenarios Study: examines the future of B Physics, Neutrinos, Z/Higgs, 2-Beam and Cosmology.
40th Anniversary Celebration (Oct 2002)
The history and science of SLAC over 40 years, including presentations by W.H.K. Panofsky, Burton Richter, Jonathan Dorfan and others.
Talks by Max Dresden
From the German Bomb to how to win the Nobel Prize, Max Dresden chats about Physics with wit and charm.
  » Evolution of the Arcane Relation Between Spin & Statistics [video] (Jan 1995)
  » Complementarity [video] (Jun 1996)
  » The Idea of a Particle [video] (Jun 1996)
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