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SLAC-KEK  8th International Study Group on Linear Colliders
June  24 - 27, 2002



Working Groups:

WG1: Parameters, Design, Instrumentation and Tuning, Bldg.212 Cascades Conference Rm.
WG2: Damping Rings and ATF, Bldg.214 Fuji Conference Rm
WG3: RF Sources
Orange Rm (half)
Orange Rm (half)
WG5: Ground Motion; Site Requirements and Investigations, Bldg.281 Conventional Facilities Rm.

A Listing of previous meetings:

The eighth NLC/JLC ISG meeting will be held at SLAC on June 24-27. 

Please read the  Agenda.

The working groups and conveners for the meeting will be

  1. Parameters, Design, Instrumentation & Tuning (K. Kubo, T. Raubenheimer, P. Tenenbaum, K. Yokoya)

  2. Damping Rings & ATF (J. Urakawa, A. Wolski)

  3. RF Sources (Y. H. Chin, S. Tantawi)

  4. Structures (H. Carter, T. Higo, J. Wang)

  5. Ground Motion; Site Requirements & Investigations (A. Seryi, T. Tauchi)

What is SLAC-KEK ISG Meeting?

The SLAC-KEK ISG was formed in 1998, based on a Memorandum of Understanding between SLAC and KEK on development of Linear Colliders, which utilizes room-temperature RF technologies for the main linacs.  This is the eighth meeting in its series for the SLAC-KEK International Linear Collider Study Group (ISG).

The meeting is open to anyone who is collaborating with members of KEK and SLAC on accelerator development for future linear colliders, whether from academic or industrial standpoint. There are no attendance fees to be charged. For inquiries, contact Nixx Arias or  Naomi N. Nagahashi  at Fax: (650) 926-5124.


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