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Parameters, Design, Instrumentation and Tuning (WG1)
Bldg.212 Cascades Conference Rm.
K. Kubo, T. Raubenheimer, P. Tenenbaum, K. Yokoya

Parallel Sessions:

Working Groups:

WG1: Parameters, Design, Instrumentation and Tuning
WG2: Damping Rings and ATF
WG3: RF Sources
WG5: Ground Motion; Site Requirements and Investigations

Monday WG1 session 

11:00    JLC Linac lattice studies              Kiyoshi Kubo                 20 min

11:30    NLC Linac lattice studies             Yuri Nosochkov              20 min

 12:00                Lunch

 01:30    Static alignment tuning                Peter Tenenbaum          30 min

 02:00    Linac studies with SLEPT                Kiyoshi Kubo            20 min

 02:30    DR->IP Dynamic studies             Andrei Seryi                  30 min

 03:00                Break 

 03:30     Results of Japan Site studies      Toshiaki Tauchi             30 min

 04:10     Experience with the LIGO project sites     Fred Asiri         30 min 

 04:50     Discussion on site criteria                                              40 min

Tuesday WG1 session

             Common session with WG2 on damping ring issues

            (see: http://www-project.slac.stanford.edu/lc/ilc/ISG_Meetings/ISG8/wg2.htm )

 Wednesday WG1 session

             Common session with IP Beam Instrumentation Working Group

            (see: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~torrence/ipbi/ )

 Thursday WG1 afternoon closeout

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