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Elections for SLAC representative to global YPP: Email elections currently open, read candidate statements here, timeline for elections here

Cooler News

Fall Barbecue (Fri, Oct. 3, 2003): We're hosting a barbecue for all members and anyone else interested in the group. The email announcement is here. If you haven't yet done so, please get in touch with Erkcan ( ASAP if you would like to attend.

Town Hall Meeting: We held a town hall meeting on 5 August to discuss the current state of the field and to revisit some of the questions raised two years ago by the YPP survey. Some comments and poll results can be found in the report located here.

Elections for new SLAC Representative to the Global YPP: On August 14, Abi Soffer was elected next representative of YPP@SLAC to the global organization. The election results can be viewed here.

Linear Collider: HEPAP just submitted a facilities report to the DOE Office of Science in which the LC was described as "absolutely central". In February the German Federal Research Ministry issued a report on TESLA. The response from DESY is here. The Asian Consortium for the Future Accelerator also issued their project report on the JLC.

Accelerator Physics Lecture Series: Starting Wednesday, 12 March YPP@SLAC hosts a series of three lectures from the forefront of accelerator physics research and development. The topics are the linear collider, new technologies, and superfast x-ray sources. See the meeting page for abstracts, meeting details and electronic versions of the talks.

First Annual YPP@SLAC Report: Since Snowmass2001, when our local chapter was first recognized, we have grown from four to ninety-eight members. For a synopsis of  past activities and future plans, see the YPP@SLAC Annual Report: 2002 [ps]

YPP Participation in the IEEE-NSS: The IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium annual conference will be held in Portland, Oregon from  October 21-24, 2003. See the IEEE-NSS webpage. The CERN chapter of YPP has expressed interest in coordinating with our SLAC chapter the participation of young people in the conference. Contact Chris Potter for further information.

HEP Funding 102: If you missed Stew Smith's talk on US HEP Funding from the University perspective, see his slides here.

Astroparticle Physics Lecture Series: Check out our Astroparticle Physics Lecture Series on November 6th, 13th and 20th with Greg Madejski, Larry Wai and Eduardo do Couto e Silva. Learn about evidence for dark matter and the purpose of the GLAST experiment.

Three-questions-project: YPP@SLAC is starting up a new outreach initiative.  Come to the first meeting of the three-questions-project team on October 15, 2002 at 5:00 pm in the Orange Room!

Journal Club: YPP@SLAC is starting up a journal club for graduate students and postdocs.  The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 8th, 2002.  Please find detailed infos about the meeting and sign up for the journal club emails on our new journal club page.

Future Linear Collider R&D: Links to the proposals for LC R&D have been added on our Reference Material page.  Check it out!

HEP funding information: We have recently added a page with HEP funding information to our Reference Material page. Please have a look at these valuable resources. 

TESLA: The German Wissenschaftsrat (science council) has released a statement  w.r.t. to recommendations for future large-scale science projects  in Germany (incl. TESLA) This press-release and the accompagning documents are very interesting as it includes a ranking of these large-scale projects.

HEPAP P5: HEPAP is establishing the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5).  They invite your comment and input on that website.

The Lecture Series on  Physics at e+e- Linear Colliders by Michael Peskin were a success. Did you miss it?  Check here for the transparencies. Also, some pictures of Michael talking about SUSY are available.

The January/February 2002 issue of "The Interaction Point" featured an article on YPP at SLAC on page 9.

What is YPP?

YPP is a global organization of young particle physicists which originated as the Young Physicsts Panel at Fermilab and has been very active at the Snowmass 2001 workshop.  The number of people involved grew at Snowmass and the organization was renamed to Young Particle Physicists.  The organization is currently in the phase of founding local chapters at particle physics laboratories and universities worldwide. We include experimentalists, theorists and accelerator physicists in our field.  YPP is working on issues concerning young physicists in our field.  At Snowmass we had three working groups on the following topics: 'Outreach', 'Globalization' and 'Balancing and Building the Field'. For more details on the global YPP organization as well as on current working groups please see

Who is a 'young physicist'?

'Young physicist' in the definition of YPP is a person who is not tenured and not a permanent staff member.

How do I sign up for the yppslac email list?

The yppslac email list is used to communicate information to young particle physicists at SLAC and to facilitate discussion among them.  Postings from the global ypp list (hosted at FNAL) are passed on.

In order to sign up, please either use the following sign-up box

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or send an email  with an empty body to .  You should receive a confirmation for your subscription.  In case of problems, please email Martin at (

YPP core group at SLAC

The core group is responsible for dreaming up new ideas and seeing them realized. If you would like to join, let us know!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about YPP@SLAC.


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