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White House Project

The White House Project Works To Create A Climate In America Where It Is Normal for Women To Be Governors, CEO's and President.

The White House Project, a national nonpartisan campaign to create a climate in which qualified women can run successful campaigns for the U.S. Presidency, began its California Operation in early October 1998. The project, begun by "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" founder, Marie Wilson -- launched in 1998 a 12 state, multi-year effort that aims to get a woman in the White House within 10 years.

You can find out many more details at http://www.thewhitehouseproject.org/ where you will find information on women leaders, how to become a leader, electing women and current women candidates for state.  The project also needs your monetary support, you may become a member of the project. For membership information, write: The White House Project, 110 Wall Street Second Floor, New York, NY 10005 or visit their website.




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