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Planning Group

WIS is an informal group, with no set charter, dues, officers or obligations. Anyone is welcome to participate in the open forum of WIS as well as in the planning group, which meets monthly, (typically the second Wednesday of each month at noon).

Some of the activities/services that the WIS planning group performs include;

  • discuss topics to be presented at seminars

  • locate speakers and/or panel members for chosen topics

  • publicize upcoming seminars (flyers, Interaction Point, web pages)

  • arrange for videotaping of the discussions and archiving of the video tape in the SLAC library

  • prepare articles for the SLAC Interaction Point

  • organize the Take Our Children to Work Day Activities

  • contribute input into organizational processes influencing women or women's issues

  • respond to requests concerning individual's experiences at SLAC

You are invited to participate in the WIS Planning Group meetings or any WIS activity. To get involved, you can come to the next planning meeting or you can contact any member below.



Planning Group Member


e-mail address

Charlotte Carlson


Jean Deken


Kay Ganapathi


Barbara Hemstad 2157 hemstad@slac.stanford.edu
Susan Hoerger 752-1743 shoerger@stanford.edu
Carmella Huser 2358 chuser@slac.stanford.edu
Cherrill Spencer 3474 cherrill@slac.stanford.edu
Petra Wehle 4134 petra@slac.stanford.edu
Leslie Wolf 2204 lesley@slac.stanford.edu

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