Women's Interchange at SLAC

The Women's Interchange at SLAC (WIS) was formed in 1991 to provide an open, informal forum to address issues of interest and
concern to women, and for sharing information amongst all SLAC departments, cultures, and job classifications, whether women or men.

WIS has set a goal to facilitate an understanding of the changes in the world, from our immediate surroundings at SLAC to the greater
events in the world at large, and how these changes and events affect us, our families, and our futures.

bullet  Current Events
Events that impact women and women's issues that are of interest to WIS

bullet WIS Activities
WIS is involved is a wide variety of activities:
bullet bullet Organization of public seminars
Streaming video of past seminars
bullet bullet Founded & Organized Take Our Daughters to Work Day. Go here for current Kids Day at SLAC information.
bullet bullet Champion for on-site child care
bullet bullet Sharing of book reviews/literature suggestions
bullet bullet Social gatherings (see some photos )
bullet bullet History of WIS and thanks to some  WIS alumnae

bullet WIS Planning Group
WIS is an informal group, with no set charter, dues, officers or obligations. Anyone may participate in the open forum of WIS as well as in the planning group.
bullet bullet Interested in joining the planning group? Come join us at the next planning meeting listed in the Announcements above, or call or e-mail any group member
bullet bullet Do you have a topic / speaker you would like to see brought to SLAC? You can bring the topic to the next Planning Group meeting or you can call or e-mail any group member with your suggestion.

bullet Links
Links to other web sites dedicated to women's interests


Next WIS planning meeting will be on Tuesday May 13, 2014 from noon to 1pm in Room 206,
ldg. 052


Our May seminar
will be a talk by Cathy Berwaldt & Cheryl Bartlett

 May 28, 2014

 (see attachment)

To subscribe to the WIS mailing list send e-mail to LISTSERV@slac.stanford.edu with a blank subject line and "subscribe wis-l" in the body of the message.  To unsubscribe send an e-mail to WIS-L-signoff-request@slac.stanford.edu with a blank subject line and nothing in the body of the message.


Rachel Isip email: rachel.isip@slac.stanford.edu
Maria C. Herraez email: mherraez@slac.stanford.edu

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