Anniversary Videos

  Highlights of the 40th
Rodney Reape

SLAC: The Movie

ScientificArts Media



Jonathan Dorfan
Director, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


SLAC's Contribution to Stanford

John Hennessy
President, Stanford University


SLAC/DOE Partnership:
40 Years of Extraordinary Accomplishment

Presented by Peter Rosen for Ray Orbach
Director, Office of Science
Department of Energy

  Letters of Congratulations Jonathan Dorfan


The Birth of SLAC

W.K.H. Panofsky
SLAC Director Emeritus


SLACís Contribution to Particle Physics

Haim Harari
Chair, Davidson Institute of Science Education;
Past President, Weizmann Institute of Science


SLAC and Accelerators

Burton Richter
SLAC Director Emeritus
Nobel Laureate Physics, 1976


SLAC and Synchrotron Radiation

Robert Birgeneau
University of Toronto

  SLAC in the Future
Jonathan Dorfan

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