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This page contains the scanned transparencies and recorded audio/video for the Sid Drell Symposium

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Friday -- July 31, 1998
  Condoleeza Rice  Introduction: Sid Drell at Stanford 28K LAN not available
  Michael Peskin 
Sid Drell and Quantum Field Theory
28K LAN peskin.pdf
  Robert Jaffe Four Eras of Electron-Proton Scattering 28K  |  LAN jaffe.pdf
  Chris Llewellyn Smith  Inelastic Scattering Sum Rules 28K  |  LAN smith.pdf
  Tung-Mow Yan 'Naive Drell-Yan' and its Successors 28K  |  LAN yan.pdf
  T.D. Lee  Locality and Beyond 28K  |  LAN lee.pdf
  Pief Panofsky Introduction: Sid Drell and Defense Policy 28K  |  LAN panofsky.pdf
  Joan Rohlfing  Nonproliferation 28K  |  LAN not available
  Theodore Postol  Realities of Ballistic Missile Defense 28K  |  LAN not available
  Richard Garwin From PSAC to 'Stockpile Stewardship' 28K  |  LAN garwin.pdf
  Martha Krebs Sid Drell and the DOE 28K  |  LAN krebs.pdf
  Burton Richter  Concluding Remarks 28K  |  LAN not available
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