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Date Video
Raman Sundrum The Heirarchy Problem; Extra Dimensions and Gravitational Resonances at Colliders April 10 ,2000 G2   5.0
E. Rocky Kolb
Quantum fluctuations in the Primordial Soup
Feb. 17, 2000 G2   5.0
Paul Kunz
Bringing the Web to America
June 7, 1999 G2   5.0
Tatsuya Nakada
LHCb Experiement: A Large Hadron Collider Beauty Experiment for Precision Measurements of CP Violation and Rare Decays
July 20, 1998 28K   LAN
Yuval Grossman
Theoretical Implication of The Super-K Results
July 9, 1998 28K   LAN
John Learned
Evidence for Masive Neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande
June 25, 1998 28K
Robert Cahn
The Eighteen Parameters of the Standard Model in Your Everyday Life
Dec. 1, 1997 28K   LAN
Harley McAdams
Engineering Principles of Regulatory Circuits of Cells
Dec. 15, 1997 28K   LAN
Michael Riordan
The Invention of the Transistor
Oct.r 20, 1997 28K   LAN
Max Dresdan
Quantum Mechanics, Prejudice and Politics
Sept. 29, 1997 28K
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