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Please note:  wafer level TXRF measurements are no longer available, details on TXRF Home Page.

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Originally, the sole purpose of a synchrotron was to act a storage ring for linear accelerators and to achieve this circular orbit, bending magnets were used.  While these first generation devices created x-ray radiation that were later suitable for high energy x-ray experiments, it was found that the intensity could be increased by employing the use of a wiggler insertion device.  Wigglers work by using an array of magnets with alternating field directions to force electrons into a sinusoidal trajectory through the straight sections of a synchrotron.  This leads to a higher emitted intensity when compared to bending magnets.  Shown below is a schematic of a wiggler along with emitted intensities for various wigglers and bending magnets.




At beamline 6-2, a 1 Tesla, 54 pole wiggler is used (27 periods of 7.0cm) is used to generate a .5x4.0 mm focused x-ray beam with an energy range from 2.05KeV to 22KeV.

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