The Research Support Building and Infrastructure Modernization Project

Construction Schedule

Milestone Completion Date
B280 occupants move into B901 July 2010
PEP City & B28 occupants move into B35, 41, 50, 280 August/September 2010
PEP City demolition begins June 2011
B28 renovation begins February 2011
PEP City demolition completes August 2011
B52 construction begins September 2011
B28 renovation completes October 2011
B41 & B3 occupants move into B28 November/December 2011
B52 construction completes May 2013
B280 & some B41 occupants move into B52 June/July 2013
Remaining B41 occupants move into B280 June/July 2013
B41 renovation contract award October 2013
B41 renovation completes November 2014
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