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ORION001 ----- The ORION Workshop 4/3/00 216 KB ORION Workshop Summary
ORION002 Bob Siemann The ORION Facility at SLAC 6/15/00 439 KB Presentation to AAC (Santa Fe, NM)
ORION003 R. L. Cassel et al Solid State Induction Modulator Replacement for SLAC Klystron Modulators June '00 1.24 MB 24th Int. Power Modulator Symposium
ORION004 Bob Siemann Advanced Accelerator Research 10/30/00 1.04 MB HEPAP
ORION005 H. Suk, N. Barov,  J. B. Rosenzweig & E. Esarey Plasma Electron Trapping and Acceleration in a Plasma Wake Field Using a Density Transition Dec '00 207 KB Accepted for publication in PRL
ORION006 ----- ORION Technical Design Study 4/12/02 1.4 MB April 12, 2002 Version
ORION007 D. T. Palmer & R. Akre Experimental measurements of the ORION
photoinjector drive laser oscillator subsystem 
10/02 1.3 MB Laser issues for electron RF
ORION008 R. J. Noble et al The ORION Facility 5/03 200KB PAC 2003
ORION009 R. Siemann
Plasma Wakefield And Laser-Driven Accelerators


6/04 6.4MB Presentation at Cornell, June 2004
ORION010 R. Siemann Advanced Accelerator Research at SLAC 7/04 1.6 MB SLUO Meeting 7/6/2004



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