RF Technology Group (T3)


Friday Afternoon, July 13
1:30   RF System Overview / Power Sources  J. Cornuelle
Comparison of NLC and TESLA RF Systems C. Adolphsen 45 min
High Power RF Generation and Distribution In Two Beam Accelerators J-P Delahaye 45 min
17 GHz High Gradient Accelerator R. Temkin 30 min
Sheet Beam Klystrons C. Chen 30 min
Design of a 50 MW, 30 GHz Gyroklystron Amplifier M. Blank 30 min
Saturday Afternoon, July 14
1:00   Power Sources / RF Distribution   J. Cornuelle
Overview of Advanced (Non-Klystron) RF Sources S. Gold 45 min
Gyroklystron Development W. Lawson 35 min
Magnicon Performance at 1.3, 7.0, 11.4, 34.3 GHz O. Nezhevenko 35 min
Overview of Active and Passive Pulse Compression S. Tantawi 35 min
Active Pulse Compression with Plasma Switches A. Vikharev 35 min
Multi-Moded High-Power RF Component Development C. Nantista 35 min
Monday Morning, July 16
Joint Session with M3 T. Raubenheimer
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Monday Afternoon, July 16
1:00   Cavity & Structure Design/Construction/Operation H. Padamsee
Design/Construction of X-band Accelerator Structures J. Wang 45 min
Design of Structures and Couplers for SC Cavities D. Proch 45 min
Superconducting Cavities For High Beam Power T.Tajima 45 min
Advanced Fabrication Methods For SC Cavities E. Palmieri 45 min
Tuesday Morning, July 17
9:00   Joint Session with M2  J. Seeman
RF Control for Large SRF Systems M. Liepe 30 min
Large SRF Systems at LEP-II K. Hubner 30 min
Large SRF Systems at CEBAF/Jlab A. Hutton 30 min
Tuesday Afternoon, July 17
1:00   High Gradient Challenges C. Adolphsen
Review of High Gradient SC Cavity Performance L. Lijle 45 min
Review of X-band High Gradient Structure Studies C. Adolphsen 45 min
Field Emission And Voltage Breakdown H. Padamsee 45 min
Theory and Tests of RF Breakdown S. Tantawi 60 min
V. Dolgashev
RF Breakdown Studies with Single Cavities D. Sprehn 45 min
Wednesday Afternoon, July 18
1:00   Advanced Structures/Spin-offs H. Padamsee
Dielectric Structures Wei Gai 30 min
34 GHz Structure Program O. Nezhevenko 30 min
Potential Developments in SC RF Technology H. Padamsee 30 min
Spin-offs of SC Cavities for Light and Muon Sources H. Padamsee 30 min
Spin-offs of SC Cavities for Neutron Sources Y.Cho 30 min

(Note allotted times include 5-10 min. discussion periods)

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