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Monday AM

Sam Heifets

Microwave instabilities

Boris Podobedov

Impedance Measurements and Models

John Corlett

Parameters of Future Rings

Beam Observations

Monday PM

Andrea Ghigo

Measurements at DAFNE

Kwang-je Kim

Measurements at APS

Nobuhiro Terunuma

Introduction to ATF Vacuum system

Karl Bane

ATF impedance measurements

Ryutaro Nagaoka

Measurements at ESRF

Tuesday AM

Fabio Marcellini

Measurements of DAFNE kicker impedance

Fritz Caspers

Measurements of SPS kicker impedance

Luigi Palumbo

General issues of coaxial measurements

John Corlett

Measurements of PEP-II components

Albert Hofmann

Asymptotic limit of Z

Jim Murphy Observations from NSLS VUV ring

Cecile Limborg

Instabilities at ESRF

Alexandre Novokhatski SLC ring simulations
Tuesday PM

Andrea Ghigo

Dafne accumulator

Patrick Krejcik

Measurements at SLC

Karl Bane


Jim Sebek

Measurements at SPEAR

Sam Heifets

PEP2 single bunch data

Wednesday AM

Bob Warnock

A simulation of the bursting mode

in the SLAC Damping Rings

Ryutaro Nagaoka

ESRF transverse effects

K-Y. Ng

Compensation of space charge


Cho Ng

NLC Damping Ring impedance

Alexandre Novokhatski

NLC Damping Ring impedance

Stefano de Santis

LHC Liner Pumping Slot impedance, *Paper

Luigi Palumbo

Corrugated Vacuum chamber impedance,

Heino Henke Gdfidl Develoopments
Laurent Farvacque ESRF Impedance budget Comparison of 3D Gdfidl against 2D codes

Wednesday PM

Heinz Dieter Nuhn

Stimulated Emission in the NLC Damping Ring

Guest Speakers

Bruno Zotter

Review of Broad Band Models

John Byrd

ALS Measurements

Tor Raubenheimer Summary of Instabilities & Simulation Sessions
John Corlett
Fritz Caspers

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