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The LCC Tech Note series was started in July 1998 to document the JLC/NLC collaborative design effort.  The notes are numbered sequentially and may also be given a SLAC, FNAL, LBNL, LLNL and/or KEK publication number.  The LCC notes will be distributed through the Web in electronic form as PDF files -- the authors are responsible for keeping the original documents.  Other document series are the NLC Notes that were started for the SLAC ZDR, the KEK ATF Notes, and at some future time there should be a series of Technical (NLD) Notes to document work on detector studies for the next-generation linear collider.


LCC-0001  "Memorandum of Understanding between KEK and SLAC," 2/98.

LCC-0002  "Transparencies and Summaries from the 1st ISG meeting: January 1998," G. Loew, ed., 2/98.

LCC-0003  "Parameters for the JLC/NLC," T. Raubenheimer, K. Yokoya, 3/98 (Rev. 6/98).

LCC-0004  "High Luminosity Options at 500 GeV cms," T. Raubenheimer, K. Thompson, 6/98.

LCC-0005  "Transparencies and Summaries from the 2nd ISG meeting: July 1998," N. Toge, ed., 7/98.

LCC-0006  "Resolution and Systematics in Beam-Based Alignment of a Long Periodic Beam Line." Peter Tenenbaum, 1999.

LCC-0007  "Synchrotron Radiation Effects in the IR Solenoid Flux Excluder,"   P. Tenenbaum, 9/98.

LCC-0008  "Circumference Correction Chicanes for Damping Rings," P.                      Emma, T. Raubenheimer,  6/98.

LCC-0009  "Using Octupoles for Background Control in Linear Colliders - an Exploratory Conceptual Study," R. Pitthan, 10/99.(SLAC-PUB-8402)

LCC-0010   "Consistent Yokoya-Chen Approximation to Beamstrahlung," M.E. Peskin, 01/99.

LCC-0011  "A Proposed Architecture for the NLC Diagnostic Regions," P.Tenenbaum and Diagnostic Region Group, 02/99.

LCC-0012  "BNS Profiles and Sensitivity of Beam Orbit of the NLC Linac," G. V. Stupakov, 02/99.

LCC-0013   "Beam-Based Alignment of the NLC Main Linac, Part One: Single-Bunch Comparative Study of Three Algorithms," P. Tenenbaum, 02/99.

LCC-0014   "Luminosity for NLC Design Variations," K.A. Thompson and T.O. Raubenheimer, 03/99.

LCC-0015  "Spectral Content of the NLC Bunch Train Due to Long Range Wakefields," Peter Tenenbaum, 05/99.

LCC-0016  "Tolerances of Random RF Jitters in X-Band Main Linacs," Kiyoshi Kubo, 05/99.

LCC-0017   " Effects of Position and Angle Offsets on NLC Luminosity,"   K.A. Thompson and T.O.Raubenheimer, 06/99. 

LCC-0018 Rev. B  "Correct Account of RF Deflections in Linac Acceleration," G. V. Stupakov, 06/99.

LCC-0019   "Disruption Effects in e-e- Linear Colliders,"  K. A. Thompson and P. Chen, 06/99.

LCC-0020  "New Beam Delivery System Optics: BDS9901," Peter Tenenbaum, 07/99.

LCC-0021  "Cost and Performance Optimization of the NLC Bunch Compressor Systems," Paul Emma, 08/99.

LCC-0022 "High-luminosity NLC Designs with Near-equal Horizontal and Vertical Beta Functions," K.A. Thompson, T.O. Raubenheimer, P. Tenenbaum, 08/99.

LCC-0023 "Matching Program for the NLC Main Linac," Yuri Nosochkov, Tor Raubenheimer and Mark Woodley, 08/99.

LCC-0024 "Comparison of Lattice Options for the NLC Main Linac," Yuri Nosochkov, 08/99 (SLAC-TN-04-017).

LCC-0025 "On Some Beam Dynamics Issues of NLC" J. Gao, 09/99.

LCC-0026 "Simulations of an Intra-Pulse Interaction Point Feedback for the NLC," D. Schulte, 09/99.

LCC-0027 "Effect of Energy Spread in the Beam Train on Beam Breakup Instability," G.V. Stupakov, 09/99 (SLAC-TN-04-016).

LCC-0028 "LEP Tunnel Movements - Lessons for Future Colliders," R. Pitthan, 10/99.

LCC-0029 "NLC Reliability Analysis Notes: Klystron-Modulator System," Z. Wilson, 11/99 (SLAC-TN-04-015).

LCC-0030 "The Effect of Intrapulse RF Variation on Bunch Train Energy Spread," C. Nantista and T.O. Raubenheimer, 12/99 (SLAC-TN--04-014).

LCC-0031 "NLC Damping Ring Wiggler Studies 1999," J. Corlett, N. Hartmann, K. Kennedy, G. Koehler, S. Marks, J. Rasson, T. Saleh, 12/99.

LCC-0032 "PEP-II RF Cavity Revisited," R.A. Rimmer, G. Koehler, D. Li, N. Hartmann, N. Folwell, J. Hodgson, B. McCandless, 12/99 (SLAC-TN-04-013).

LCC-0033 "RF Cavity R&D at LBNL for the NLC Damping Rings, FY1999," R.A. Rimmer, J.N. Corlett, G. Koehler, D. Li, N. Hartmann, J. Rasson, T. Saleh, 12/99.

LCC-0034 "NLC Extraction Line Studies," Y.M. Nosochkov  and T.O. Raubenheimer, 12/99.

LCC-0035 "More Options for the NLC Bunch Compressors," Paul Emma, 01/00 (SLAC-TN-04-012).

LCC-0036 "Quadrupole Vibration Measurements for QM1B and QC3 in the Final Focus Test Beam at SLAC," R. Fenn, T. Slaton, M. Woods, 01/00 (SLAC-TN-04-011).

LCC-0037 "NLC Damping Ring Lattice Design Using TME Cells and Wigglers," Paul Emma and Tor Raubenheimer, 03/00 (SLAC-TN-04-010)

LCC-0038 "Transverse Field Profile of the NLC Damping Rings Electromagnet Wiggler," J. Corlett, S. Marks, M.E. Ross, 04/00.

LCC-0039, "A Novel Final Focus Design for Future Linear Colliders," P. Raimondi and A. Seryi, 05/00.

LCC-0040, "Estimates of Dispersive Effects in a Bent NLC Main Linac," Leo Michelotti and Michael Syphers, 06/00.

LCC-0041,"Theory and Suppression of Multibunch Beam Breakup in Linear Colliders," C.L. Bohn and K-Y Ng, 06/00.

LCC-0042, "International Study Group Progress Report: On linear Collider Development," N. Toge, T. Raubenheimer, et al., 04/00.(SLAC-R-559)

LCC-0043, "Dipole Mode Detuning in the Injector Linacs of the NLC," Karl Bane and Zenghai Li, 07/00.

LCC-0044, "Preserving High Multibunch Luminosity in Linear Colliders," Courtlandt Bohn and King-Yuen Ng, 08/00.

LCC-0045," Study of Beam Energy Spectrum Measurement in the NLC Extraction Line," Yuri Nosochkov and Tor O. Raubenheimer, 08/00.

LCC-0046, "Comparison of Discrete Klystron-Produced RF to Two-Beam Produced RF for Large Accelerator Systems," Rainer Pitthan, 09/00.  

LCC-0047, "A Transverse RF Deflecting Structure for Bunch length and Phase Space Diagnostics," Paul Emma, Josef Frisch, Patrick Krejcik, 08/00.  

LCC-0048, "Damping Ring Design for NLC at 180 Hz Repetition Rate," Andrzej Wolski, 11/00.

LCC-0049, "Beam Losses in the NLC Extraction Line for High Luminosity Parameters," Y. Nosochkov and K. A. Thompson, 11/00.

LCC-0050, "NLC Pulsed Extraction for 250 GeV Beams," P. Tenenbaum, 12/00.

LCC-0051, "Beam-Gas and Thermal Photon Scattering in the NLC Main Linac as a Sources of Beam Halo," P. Tenenbaum, 12/00.

LCC-0052, "New Post-Linac Collimation System for the Next Linear Collider," P. Tenenbaum, Contact for New Post-Linac Collimation Collaboration, 02/01.(SLAC-TN-03-069)

LCC-0053, "Tolerance to Offsets for a Plasma Lens in NLC," K. A. Thompson and P. Chen, 01/01.(SLAC-TN-03-068)

LCC-0054, "Test Beams and Polarized Fixed Target Beams at the NLC," Lewis Keller, Rainer Pitthan, Sayed Rokni, Kathleen A. Thompson, Yury Kolomensky, 01/01.  

LCC-0055, "Improved Dynamics in the 180 Hz Damping Rings," Andrzej Wolski, 02/01.

LCC-0056, "Design of an NLC Intra-pulse Feedback System," Stephen R. Smith, 03/01.(SLAC-TN-03-067)

LCC-0057, "Study of Alternative Optics for NLC Prelinac Collimation Section," Yuri Nosochkov, Pantaleo Raimondi, Tor Raubenheimer, 03/01.(SLAC-TN-03-066)

LCC-0058, "SLAC EDX/Auger of Cornell Nb Breakdown Test Plate B2," R. E. Kirby and F. Marcelja, G. R. Werner, April 2001. (SLAC-TN-03-065)

LCC-0059, "Interaction Region RF Shield Issues," Gennady Stupakov and Tor Raubenheimer, April 2001. (SLAC-TN-03-064)

LCC-0060, "Guide to LIBXSIF, A Library for Parsing the Extended Standard Input Format of Accelerator  Beamlines," P. Tenenbaum, April 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-063)

LCC-0060 rev.1, "Guide to LIBXSIF, A Library for Parsing the Extended Standard Input Format of Accelerator  Beamlines," P. Tenenbaum, July 2003.

LCC-0061, "Lattice Description for NLC Main Damping Rings at 120 Hz," A. Wolski, April 2001.

LCC-0062, "Symplectic Integrators for Nonlinear Wiggler Fields," A. Wolski, April 2001.

LCC-0063, "Varying alpha/lambda in NLC Structures - BNS Damping and Emittance Growth," G. Stupakov and Z. Li, May 2001.

LCC-0064, "A Coupling Correction Scheme for the NLC Main Damping Rings," A. Wolski, June 2001.

LCC-0065, "NLC Positron Target Heating," D.C. Schultz, Y. K. Batygin, V.K. Bharadwaj, J. C. Sheppard, June 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-050)

LCC-0066, "A New Structure for the NLC Positron Predamping Ring Lattice," A. Wolski, June 2001.

LCC-0067, "High-Pressure Water-Rinse Cleaning of Copper," R. E. Kirby, E. L. Garwin and F. Marcelja, June 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-061)

LCC-0068, "Radial Particle Distribution on Two DDS2 Cells," E. L. Garwin and F. Marcelja, June 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-060)

LCC-0069, "Coupled Bunch Instabilities in the NLC Damped Rings," S. De Santis, May 2001.

LCC-0070, "Design Studies of Positron Collection for the NLC," Y. K. Batygin, V. K. Bharadwaj, D.C. Schultz, J.C. Sheppard, August 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-059)

LCC-0071, "Beam-based Alignment of the NLC Main Linac,  Part II: Dispersion-free Steering and Dispersion Bumps," Peter Tenenbaum, September 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-058)

LCC-0072, "RF Cavity R&D at LBNL for the NLC Damping Rings, FY2000/2001," R.A. Rimmer, D. Atkinson, J.N. Corlett, G. Koehler, D. Li, N. Hartman, J. Rasson, T. Saleh, R. Weidenbach. October 2001.

LCC-0073, "Microwave Quadrupoles for beam break-up Suppression in the NLC Main Linac," K.L.F. Bane and G. Stupakov, September 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-058)

LCC-0074, "Detecting and Studying Higgs Bosons in Two-Photon Collisions at a Linear Collider," D. M. Asner, J. B. Gronberg, J. F. Gunion, October 2001.

LCC-0075, "Plasma Discharge Cleaning of NLCTA Cells," R. E. Kirby, E. L. Garwin, F. Marcelja, C. Rago, M. Robertson, November 2001.(SLAC-TN-03-057)

LCC-0076, "Transportation Lines for the NLC Damping Rings," Andrzej Wolski, November 2001.

LCC-0077, "Summary of LBNL/SLAC Design Work on NLC Magnets, November 2000 to October 2001" Jin-Young Jung, December 2001.

LCC-0078, "RF Accelerator Pressure Profile by Monte Carlo," Gordon B. Bowden, April 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-055)

LCC-0079, "Energy Deposition Using EGS4," J. C. Sheppard, April 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-054)

LCC-0080, "Estimates of Collective Effects in the NLC Main Damping Rings," A. Wolski, S. de Santis, May 2002.

LCC-0081 Rev.2, "Impact of Surface Preparation on RF Breakdown Performance in NLCTA Accelerating Structures," R. E. Kirby, F. Le Pimpec, F. Marcelja, C. Pearson, June 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-053)

LCC-0082, "NLC Positron Target Heating," D. C. Schultz, Y. K. Batygin, V. K. Bharadwaj, J. C. Sheppard, June 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-050)

LCC-0083, "Virtual Global Accelerator Network," R. S. Larsen, June 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-049)

LCC-0084, "A Comment on Machine Reliability and Availability," R. S' Larsen, July 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-048)

LCC-0085, "Planar Undulator Considerations," J. C. Sheppard, July 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-047)

LCC-0086, "Energy Loss and Energy Spread Growth in a Planar Undulator," J. C. Sheppard, July 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-046).

LCC-0087, " NLC Polarized Positron Photon Beam Target Thermal Structural Modeling," Werner Stein, John C. Sheppard, July 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-045)

LCC-0088, "Thermal Stress Analyses for the NLC Positron Target," W. Stein, A. Sunwoo, J. C. Sheppard, V. Bharadwaj, D. C. Schultz, July 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-044)

LCC-0089, "Structural Modeling of Tesla TDR Positron Target," Werner Stein, John C. Sheppard, July 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-043)

LCC-0090, "Thermal Stress Analyses for a Thermal Multislug Beam NLC Positron Target," W. Stein, A. Sunwoo, J. C. Sheppard, V. Bharadwaj, D. C. Schultz, July 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-042)

LCC-0091, "Tests of 3 Linear Collider Beam Dynamics Simulation Programs" P. Tenenbaum, July 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-002)

LCC-0092, "Positron Yield as a Function of Drive Beam Energy for a K=1, Planar Undulator-Based Source" J.C. Sheppard, July 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-041)

LCC-0093, "Radiation damage induced by GeV electrons in W-Re targets for next generation linear colliders", M.-J. Caturla, S. Roesler, V. K. Bharadwaj, D. C. Schultz, J. C. Sheppard, J. Marian, B. D. Wirth, W. Stein and A. Sunwoo, July 2002 (SLAC-PUB-10194)

LCC-0094, "Turbulence-Induced Vibration: Theory and Application to the Next Linear Collider," Srihari Adiga, July 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-040)

LCC-0095, "Helical Undulator Radiation," J. C. Sheppard, July 2002. (SLAC-TN-03-039)

LCC-0096, "Research and Development Issues for NLC Damping Rings 2002-2003," Andrzej Wolski, August 2002.

LCC-0097 Rev. 1, "Autopsy on an RF-Processed X-band Travelling Wave Structure," F. Le Pimpec, S. Harvey, R.E. Kirby, F. Marcelja, August 2002.

LCC-0098, "First Test of Short Period Helical SC Undulator Prototype," A. Mikhailichenko. T. Moore, August 2002.

LCC-0099, "Space Charge Dynamics of Bright Electron Beams," Alexander W. Chao, Rainer Pitthan, Toshiki Tajima, and Dian Yeremian, August 2002.

LCC-0100, "Systematic Ground Motion and Macro-Alignment for Linear Colliders," Rainer Pitthan, August 2002.

LCC-0101, "Collimator Wakefield Calculations for ILC-TRC Report,"  Peter Tenenbaum, August 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-038)

LCC-0102,"Thermal Stress Analyses for an NLC Positron Target with a 3 mm Spot Radius Beam," W. Stein, A. Sunwoo, J. Sheppard, V. Bharadwaj, D. Schultz, September  2002. (SLAC-TN-03-037)

LCC-0103,"Characterization of W-26% Re Target Material," A. J. Sunwoo, D.C. Freeman, W. Stein, V. K. Bharadwaj, D. C. Schultz, J.C. Sheppard, September 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-036).

LCC-0104, "Beamstrahlung Photon Load on the TESLA Extraction Septum Blade," Andrei Seryi, October 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-035)

LCC-0105, "Effects of Systematic Multipole Errors on the Dynamic Aperture of the NLC Main Damping Rings," A. Wolski, J.-Y. Jung, October 2002.

LCC-0106, "Pulsed Helical Undulator for Test at SLAC Polarized Production Scheme," Alexander A. Mikhailichenko, October 2002.

LCC-0107, "Design Studies for Flux and Polarization Measurements of Photons and Positrons for SLAC Proposal E166: An experiment to test polarized positron production in the FFTB," M. Woods, Y. Batygin, K. C. Moffeit and J. C. Sheppard, November 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-024)

LCC-0108, "Comparison of Emittance Tuning Simulations in the NLC and TESLA Damping Rings," Andrzej Wolski and Winfried Decking, November 2002.

LCC-0109, "Alignment Stability Models for Damping Rings," Andrzej Wolski and Winfried Decking, November 2002.

LCC-0110, "Post-target beamline design for proposed FFTB experiment with polarized positrons," Y.K.Batygin and J.C.Sheppard, December 2002.(SLAC-TN-03-033)

LCC-0111,"Comparison of the TESLA, NLC and CLIC Beam Collimation Systems," A. Drozhdin, G. Blair, W. Kozanecki, L. Keller, T. Markiewicz, T. Marayuma, M. Mokhov, O. Napoly, T. Raubenheimer, A. Seryi, D. Schulte, P. Tenenbaum, N. Walker, M. Woodley, F. Zimmerman, January 2003.(SLAC-TN-03-003)

LCC-0112, "Comparison of Alignment Tolerances in the Linear Collider Damping Rings with Those in Operating Rings," Tor Raubenheimer, Andrzej Wolski, January 2003.(SLAC-PUB-10293)

LCC-0113, "The NLC Main Damping Ring Lattice," Mark Woodley, Andrzej Wolski, February 2003.(SLAC-TN-03-031)

LCC-0114, "A Reduced Emission Lattice for the NLC Positron Predamping Ring," Ina Reichel, Andrzej Wolski, February 2003.

LCC-0115, "Measurement of Vibration Transfer from Surface to Beam Tunnel.' Hal Amick, Tao Xu, Nat Wongprasert, February 2003.

LCC-0116, "Short-Range Dipole Wakefields in Accelerating structures for the NLC," Karl L. Bane, March 2003.

LCC-0117, "Start-to-End  Simulation of Polarized Positron Collection in the NLC," Y. J. Batygin and J. C. Sheppard, March 2003. (SLAC-TN-03-030)

LCC-0118, "NLC Collimation Update Study," A. Drozhdin, L. Keller, T. Markiewicz, T. Marayuma, M. Mokhov, T. Raubenheimer, A. Seryi, P. Tenenbaum, M. Woodley, May 2003 (SLAC-TN-04-005).

LCC-0119, "FEATHER: A fast intrapulse feedback system for the JLC," Nicolas Delerue, June 2003.

LCC-0120, "Tunnel Wall Heat Transfer," Gordon B. Bowden, July 2003.

LCC-0121, Sensitivity to interaction region solenoid horizontal motion, Peter Tenenbaum and Tor O. Raubenheimer, August 2003. (SLAC-TN-03-029)

LCC-0122 Rev. 5, Stanford University, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) Vibration Study, Parsons Co./GEOVISION for SLAC, August 2003 (June 2004).

LCC-0123 Rev. 3, "Design Guideline Summary  Based on the GEOVISION Report of Stanford Linear Accelerator Tunnel Vibration Measurements," Parsons, August 2003 (June 2004).

LCC-0124, "Recent Electron Cloud Simulation Results for the NLC and for the TESLA Linear Colliders," M. T. F. Pivi, T. O. Raubenheimer, M. A. Furman, September 2003.

LCC-0125, "Beam-Beam Interaction Simulations with Guinea Pig," C. Sramek, T.O. Raubenheimer, S. Seryi, M. Woods and J. Wu, September 2003. (SLAC-TN-03-070)

LCC-0126,"Single Bunch Electron Cloud Effects in the NLC Beam Delivery System,: David Chen, Arthur Chang, Dan Bates, Mauro Pivi and Tor Raubenheimer, September 2003. (SLAC-TN-03-051)

LCC-0127,"Simulation of Reliability and Availability," T. M. Himel, October 2003.

LCC-0128_Rev 1, "Secondary Yield Measurements of TiN Coating and TiZrV Getter Film," F. Le Pimpec, F. King, R. E. Kirby, M. Pivi, October 2003. Rev. August 2004 (SLAC-TN-03-052)

LCC-0129, "Brief Review of Linear Collider Beam-based Alignment for Linacs," T. O. Raubenhaimer, P. G. Tenenbaum, November 2003.(SLAC-TN-03-071)

LCC-0130, "Research and Development Issues for NLC Damping Rings 2003 - 2004," Andrzej Wolski, October 2003.

LCC-0131, "Single Bunch Electron Cloud Effects in the NLC Bunch Compressor System," David Chen, Arthur Chang, Dan Bates, Mauro Pivi, October 2003.

LCC-0132 , "Transverse Deflections in a Cavity Due to the Short-range Longitudinal Wake," K. L. F. Bane, T. O. Raubenheimer, G. Stupakov, J. Wu, November 2003.(SLAC-PUB-10229)

LCC-0133, " Conventional Positron Target for a Tesla-formatted Beam," J. C. Sheppard, November 2003.(SLAC-TN-03-072).

LCC-0134,"Monochromatization Option of NLC Collisions," Andrei Seryi, Tor Raubenheimer, March 2004.(SLAC-TN-04-003).

LCC-0135, "Machine Protection Issues in the Beam Delivery System, T. W. Markiewicz, L. Keller,  May 2004. (SLAC-TN-04-039).

LCC-0136,"NLC Crab Cavity Phase Stability," Josef Frisch, March 2004 (SLAC-TN-04-004).

LCC-0137, "Main Linac Single Bunch Emittance Preservation in the NLC and US Cold LC Configurations," Peter Tenenbaum, March 2004

LCC-0138, "Effectiveness of Emittance Bumps on the NLC and US Cold LC Main Linear Accelerators," Peter Tenenbaum, May 2004.(SLAC-TN-04-038).

LCC-0139, "Alternative Main Linac BNS Configurations for Reduced IP Energy Spread," P. Tenenbaum, A, Seryi, April 2004. (SLAC-TN-04-042).

LCC-0140, "Sensitivity to Nano-Tesla Scale Stray Magnetic Fields," J. Frisch, T. O. Raubenheimer, P. Tenenbaum, May 2004. (SLAC-TN-04-041)

LCC-0141, "Availability and Failure Effects of NLC Main Linac Mechanical Movers," T. Himel. C. Spencer, P. Tenenbaum, May 2004 (SLAC-TN-04-040).

LCC-0142, "Compensation of Detector Solenoid Effects on the Beam Size in Linear Collider," Yuri Nosochkov, Andrei Seryi, July 2004.(SLAC-PUB-10592)

LCC-0143, "Compensation of the Effects of Detector Solenoid on the Vertical Beam Orbit in NLC," Brett Parker, Andrei Seryi, May 2004.(SLAC-TN-04-044)

LCC-0144, F. LePimpec

LCC-0145, "Suppression of the Effective Secondary Emission Yield for a Grooved Metal Surface," G. Stupakov and M. Pivi, June 2003. (SLAC-TN-04-045)

LCC-0146, "A Continuing Story on the Secondary Electron Yield Measurements of TiN Coating and TiZrV Getter Film," F. Le Pimpec, F. King, R. E. Kirby and M. Pivi, June 2004.(SLAC-TN-04-046)

LCC-0147, "Intrabeam Scattering in the NLC Main Damping Rings," A. Wolski, June 2004. (CBP Tech-Note-319)

LCC-0148 Rev. 1, "Improved Overhead Accounting in the NLC Main Linac," P. Tenenbaum, June 2004. (SLAC-TN-04-047)

LCC-0149, "Resistive-Wall Instability in the NLC Main Damping Rings," A. Wolski, June, 2004.

LCC-0150, "Research and Development Issues for NLC Damping Rings 2004-2005," A. Wolski, June 2004.

LCC-0151, "A Two-Stage Bunch Compressor Option for the US Cold LC," Tor Raubenheimer, June 2004.(SLAC-TN-04-048).

LCC-0152, "Scaling for FBII in a Modified TESLA Damping Ring," Tor Raubenheimer, August 2004 (SLAC-TN-04-050). 

LCC-0153, "Electron Conditioning of Technical Aluminium Surfaces," F. Le Pimpec, F. King, R. E. Kirby, Sept. 2004 (SLAC-TN-051-04).

LCC-0154, "ILC CONVENTIONAL POSITRON SOURCE: LONG DRIVE PULSE OPTION," Vinod Bharadwaj, Yuri Batygin, Dave Schultz, John Sheppard. Sept. 2004. (SLAC-TN-04-074).

LCC-0155, "Spin-tracking Studies for Beam Polarization Preservation in the NLC Main Damping Rings," A. Wolski, D. Bates, July 2004.

LCC-0156, "Localization of RF Breakdown in Copper RF Structure by the Use of Acoustic Sensors," F. Le Pimpec, J. Frisch, K. Jobe, D. McCormick, J. Nelson, M. Ross, T. Smith, Dec. 2004 (SLAC-PUB-10883).

LCC-0157, "TiN and TiZrV Thin Film as a Remedy Against Electron Cloud," F. Le Pimpec, R. E. Kirby, F. King, M. Pivi," Jan. 2005 (SLAC-PUB-10985).

LCC-0158, "Electron Conditioning of Technical Aluminum Surfaces," F. Le Pimpec, F. King, R.E. Kirby, Sep. 2004 (SLAC-TN-04-051).

LCC-0159, "Spin Rotation Schemes at the ILC for Two Interaction Regions and Positron Polarization with both Helicities," K. Moffeitt, M. Woods, P. Schuler, K. Moenig, Philip Bambade, Feb. 2005 (SLAC-TN-05-045 ,IPBI TN-2005-2) 

LCC-0160, "ExB Drift of e-cloud in a PSR Quadrupole and Dipole," R. Macek, TechSource, Inc., Santa Fe, NM, and M. Pivi, April 2005.


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