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International Linear Collider Study Group Meeting
January 25-28, 1999

Work Group 6

ISG3 Meeting Goals and Plans

The overall goal of the Third SLAC-KEK ISG meeting is to review the progress of each working group and to make specific plans for future work. The ISG will publish a progress report by the end of the 1999 calendar year. A specific task for this meeting is to create an outline of this progress report and to agree on the detailed design and R&D goals to be achieved in time for its preparation.

Review results from simulations of detector backgrounds and needed future calculations and measurements. Review the status of the design of the interaction region, methods to stabilize the beam collisions, and techniques to measure the parameters of the beam collisions that are needed to carry out experiments at linear colliders. Outline goals for the remainder of the year.

Monday:  AM
  • Final Planning for ISG3 talks
Monday: PM
  • Background Calculations - Maruyama
  • Netutron Backgrounds at the IP - Sugimoto
  • Muon Background Calculations - Namito
Tuesday: AM
Tuesday : PM
  • Support Tube - G. Bowden
  • Luminosity Optimization & Measurement - M. Woods
  • IR Vibration Issues - M. Woods
  • Inertial Stabilization - J. Frisch
  • Fast Feedback  - M. Breidenbach
Wednesday: AM
Wednesday: PM
  • NLC FODO Collimation System - T. Raubenheimer
  • Collimator Depth - S. Hertzbach
    • 3 Slides included in T. Raubenheimer's Talk
  • Status of Wakefield Expts- P. Tenenbaum
  • Collimator R&D - J. Frisch
Thursday: 10:00-12:00
  • Prep for Plenary Talk
  • Planning for Sitges Meeting

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