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International Linear Collider Study Group Meeting
January 25-28, 1999

Work Group 5

ISG3 Meeting Goals and Plans

The overall goal of the Third SLAC-KEK ISG meeting is to review the progress of each working group and to make specific plans for future work. The ISG will publish a progress report by the end of the 1999 calendar year. A specific task for this meeting is to create an outline of this progress report and to agree on the detailed design and R&D goals to be achieved in time for its preparation.

Discuss and review plans for design and testing of high-power components. Review performance expectations for various pulsed-power systems. Outline goals for the remainder of the year and discuss longer range ideas and plans for development and testing of high-power components and systems.

Monday AM
  • KEK
    • Overview of Present Status & Plan - Chin
    • Testing Status& Schedule of XB72K No.10 - Fakuda
    • Remodeling of BINP PPM - Matsumoto
    • Design of XBPPM-1 - Matsumoto
    • Study of Periodic Permanent Magnet Design & Field Measurement - Mizuno
Monday PM RF Window: Review of Present Status & Plan
  • KEK
    • Overview of Present Status & Plan - Chin
    • Measurement Results of Kazakov Windows - Yamaguchi
  • SLAC
    • High Power Windows Design & Testing - Fowkes
  • More Detailed Planning & Scheduling of High Power Testing of Kazakov Window (TM11+TE11 type @ SLAC
Tuesday AM

RF Instability Study (MAGIC3D, field matching method, etc.) + More Precise Modeling of Klyston.

  • Study of RF Instability using MAGIC3D - Matsumoto
  • Output Cavity Instability Studies - Ko
  • MAGIC-2D Simulation-Status & Plans - Vlieks
  • TE111 Oscillation in the Output Cavity - P. Wilson
Tuesday PM Review of Present Status & Plan
  • KEK
    • Overview of Present Status & Plan - Chin
    • Design & Cold Model Testing of 2X2 DLDS basic unit - Yamaguchi
  • SLAC
    • Preparation of & Status of Mechanical Design of RF Components - Fant

Component Design Development

  • Component Design Methodology based on a circular to rectangular tapers and status report - Tantawi
    • Taper Design
    • Square Bend
    • Tap-offs
    • Introduction ot the launcher & extractor problems.
  • Rectangular Components - Nantista/Kroll
    • Hybrids
    • Extractors
    • Bypass bend
  • Some thoughts on the TE12 mode & the use of  Elleptical Guides - Kroll
  • Active RF Compents (Switcher) Development - Tantawi/Tamura
Wednesday AM Review of the Preparation of Mode-Stability Experiment at ATF.
  • Theoretical - Tantawi
  • Experimental - Chin
  • Preparation of Pump-Outs & Diagnostics - Fant
  • What Effects we want to measure
Wednesday PM
  • High Power Conditioning (Joint activity with RF Structure WG)
  • Various Pulse Compression Schemes (Joint session with Parameter WG)
    • Comparison between different pulse Compression Systems - Tantawi
  • High RF energy problems (Joint session with Sructures WG)
    • Some thoughts on high power handling capabilities of components - Tantawi
    • Experimental (Proposals)

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