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International Linear Collider Study Group Meeting
January 25-28, 1999

Work Group 4

ISG3 Meeting Goals and Plans

The overall goal of the Third SLAC-KEK ISG meeting is to review the progress of each working group and to make specific plans for future work. The ISG will publish a progress report by the end of the 1999 calendar year. A specific task for this meeting is to create an outline of this progress report and to agree on the detailed design and R&D goals to be achieved in time for its preparation.

Discuss plans for klystron modulator development with particular emphasis on performance and technical specifications for solid-state switching devices and their availability in industry.

Monday AM JLC Modulator Work - A. Akemoto (KEK)
Monday PM Solid State Induction Modulator - R. Cassel (SLAC)
  • General Specification
  • Present Design
  • IGBT Selection
  • Basic Ciruit
  • Core Results
  • Mechanical Layout
  • High Voltage Standoff
  • Efficiency
Tuesday  AM Conventional Modulator Work - S. Gold (SLAC)
  • Baseline Modulator Status
    • Tank Design
    • Costs
  • NLCTA Modulator Operation
    • Parallel Klystron Operation
    • Klystron Protection
Tuesday Visit & Tour of the Power Conversion Laboratory

Visit & Tour NLCTA & the Klystron Test Lab


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