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International Linear Collider Study Group Meeting
January 25-28, 1999

Work Group 3

ISG3 Meeting Goals and Plans

The overall goal of the Third SLAC-KEK ISG meeting is to review the progress of each working group and to make specific plans for future work. The ISG will publish a progress report by the end of the 1999 calendar year. A specific task for this meeting is to create an outline of this progress report and to agree on the detailed design and R&D goals to be achieved in time for its preparation.

Review experiences with existing structures. Review status and plans for the RDDS1 structure now under construction. Outline goals for the remainder of the year, and discuss longer range ideas and plans for the design and fabrication of structures.

Monday AM Opening CommentsToge

Review of existing structures

  • DDS3 cell cleaning and basic test on pre-bonding - Yamamoto
  • Bookshelf - Toge
  • DDS3 CMM Machine Measurement & Straightening - Pearson
  • Wire Measurement - Suzuki
  • DDS3 Asset Results - Adolphsen / Jones
Monday PM Review of RDDS1
  • RDD1 Status: Design, Cold Tests, Cell QC & Schedule - J. Wang
  • Status Requirment for Tolerances - Higo
  • Disk Fabrication Procedure & Performance of Precision Machining - Higashi
  • CMM Measurement at SLAC - Lundahl
  • CMM Measurement at KEK - Watanabe
  • Partial Derivatives for various dimensions - Li
Tuesday AM Discussion of Detail Technical Problems
  • Standard Cell
  • Pumping Cell
  • Front End Structure
  • HOM Coupler Structure, Present Design
  • Vacuum System:
  • Strongback & Support System
  • Tolerances
  • Drawing Standard
  • Electrical & Mechanical QC
  • Final Machine, Measurement & Feedback
Tuesday PM Joint Session with Parameter Group
  • Structure Construction Tolerances, Models & Calculations - Stupakov
  • Long Range Wake & BBU Calculations - Jones
  • Structure Alignment - P.T. 1 & 2
  • Vacuum Requirment - T. Raubenheimer
Wednesday AM Future Work & Improvement Issues
Wednesday PM Joint Session for High Power RF Issues

Shedule for Structure Collaboration

  • RDDS1
  • RDDS2 & Beyond
  • ISG Progress Report
Thursday Main Linac Structure Summary - T. Higo & J. Wang

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