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International Linear Collider Study Group Meeting
January 25-28, 1999

Work Group 1

ISG3 Meeting Goals and Plans

The overall goal of the Third SLAC-KEK ISG meeting is to review the progress of each working group and to make specific plans for future work. The ISG will publish a progress report by the end of the 1999 calendar year. A specific task for this meeting is to create an outline of this progress report and to agree on the detailed design and R&D goals to be achieved in time for its preparation.

Evaluate critical tolerances for the collider performance and provide support for the other working groups.

Monday Plenary

Group Discussion & Status of Results:

  • BNS & Tolerances in JLC Linac - K. Kubo
  • Alignment Thoughts - P.T.
  • Girder & Structure Tolerances
  • Optimization of S- & L-Band Structures - Z. Li
Tuesday Group Discussion & Status of Results:

Common Session with Structure Group

  • Girder & Structure Tolerances & Wakefield Based on DDS3 Alignment Data - G. Stupakov
  • Alignment Strategies - P.T. 1 & 2
  • BBU in Present RDDS1 Design - R. Jones
  • Progress in DDS3 - R. Jones


Plenary Summary - Yokoya

Wednesday Common Session with Injectors Group:

Common Session with IR Group:

  • A FODO Based Collimation Section - T. Raubenheimer
  • Collimator Wakefield Experiment - P.T.
  • Self-healing Collimators - J. Frisch
  • KEK-B Crab Cavity - K. Kubo
Thursday Lattice Translation Discussion

Furth Discussion on JLC / NLC DRs & Plans for ISG4

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