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These files comprising the chapters and appendices of the final report are available in two formats:
  • As compressed Postscript files. (Generated using the UNIX command: compress filename.ps).
  • As PDF files.

Netscape 3.0 running on a UNIX machine will automatically decompress the Postscript files and invoke ghostview to display them. If you can't get your web browser running on your favorite platform to automatically do the same, then save the files of interest to your local machine. If you are on a UNIX machine you can generate the postscript file, or view it, via the commands: uncompress filename.ps.Z , and zcat filename.ps.Z | ghostview - . If you are on a PC running Windows NT, the Postscript files may be used by using WinZip on the downloaded file, followed by GSView.

On most platforms, the pdf versions of the files may be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. Click here to obtain downloading information ; contact your computer guru if you need assistance installing Acrobat Reader.

Title Title Page, Preface, and Table of Contents .ps.Z  
available in seperate [pdf] format files: Cover, Title Page, Preface, and Table of Contents.
Chapter 1 Introduction, Goals for the Next Linear Collider
Chapter 2 Electron Source pdf  
Chapter 3 Positron Source .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 4 NLC Damping Rings .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 5 Bunch Compressors and Prelinac .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 6 Low-Frequency Linacs and Compressors .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 7 Main Linacs: Design and Dynamics .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 8 RF System for the Main Linacs .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 9 Collimation Systems .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 10 IP Switch and Big Bend .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 11 Final Focus .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 12 The Interaction Region .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 13 Multiple Bunch Issues .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 14 Control System .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 15 Instrumentation .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 16 Machine Protection Systems .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 17 NLC Reliability Considerations .ps.Z - pdf  
Chapter 18 NLC Conventional Facilities .ps.Z - pdf  
Appendix A  An RF Power Source Upgrade to the NLC Based on the Relativistic-Klystron Two-Beam Accelerator .ps.Z - pdf  
Appendix B  A Second Interaction Region for Gamma-Gamma, Gamma-Electron, and Electron-Electron Collisions .ps.Z - pdf  
Appendix C  Ground Motion: Theory and Measurement .ps.Z - pdf  
Appendix D  Beam-Based Feedback: Theory and Implementation .ps.Z - pdf  
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