The Next Linear Collider at SLAC

MISSION: Scientists expect research at this facility to answer fundamental questions about the behavior of matter and the origins of the Universe.

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What's New In the Next Linear Collider:

Following the decision to pursue a next-generation linear collider using superconducting rf technology, work on the Next Linear Collider (NLC) using a warm rf power delivery system has ceased. The new, international machine, the International Linear Collider (ILC), will be designed by an Asian, European and North American collaborative team effort. Planning and work by SLAC toward the ILC are being documented and posted to the new SLAC ILC web site Also, see the new site for links to details on the decision, and to the international organization of this exciting new undertaking.

The NLC web site will remain accessible as an archive of important work done on the many systems needed to build a TeV center of mass energy linear collider. However, once transitioning to the new site is complete, the NLC site will only be referenced through the new ILC site. We expect this transition to be complete by the end of the calendar year.

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