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The Secretary of Energy has released a much-anticipated 20-year plan for construction of major research facilities across the fields managed by the DOE Office of Science. It is exciting that construction of the international Linear Collider is a high-priority goal of this plan.

The DOE Office of Science Director Ray Orbach has spent much of his first year in office creating this prioritized list of 28 projects needed over the next 20 years to pursue the missions of the DOE. It has been a far-reaching exercise and many of the proposals put forward in the process did not make the final cut. The plan includes projects already under way (such as the LCLS), mid-term projects in conceputal stages (the Linear Collider is the highest priority project in this category), and long-range projects still in early proof-of-principle R&D. While this plan is not a proposal for funding, it is significant that the Secretary - who speaks to the President - has taken "ownership" and brought forward this roadmap to the future.

The international scientific community is moving rapidly to make a clear choice for the linear collider accelerator technology, begin to work on a common machine, and present a coherent plan for the collider project to the various governments. With our collaborators, we are ready to demonstrate that the X-Band technology is the key to exploring the energy frontier - it will be an exciting year. (-November 2003)

NLCTA 8 Pack News

On April 1, the NLCTA 8 pack was connected to 4 structures in the NLCTA accelerator enclosure. This challenging and complex task was completed on schedule. We are now commissioning LLRF diagnostics and controls. Preliminary processing has gone well and we have gradients approaching 60MV/m in each of these structures, with a 400 ns pulse. The up-to-the-minute snapshot of our 'RF processing' status, including the old line-type modulators, is available. -M. Ross


The Executive Summary of the Technical Review Committee Report (TRC)

ACFA rolls out its Roadmap for an International Linear Collider
The JLC Project Report (Roadmap) was released to the world-wide HEP community.  About 400 participants, including representatives from industry, and the news media, attended the ACFA Linear Collider Symposium held on February 12, 2003  in Tsukuba.  [Presentations]

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