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     Press Release   (June 28, 2005)

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Accelerator Physics

  • A Test of NLC-type beam loading in the SLAC linac, F.J. Decker et al., SLAC-PUB-10726, 2003.  Published in *PAC 03* Proceedings, 2754-2756.
  • Interlaced beams of unequal energy and pulse length in the SLAC linac for PEP-II and experiment E-158, F.J. Decker et al., SLAC-PUB-9361, 2002.  Published in *EPAC 02* Proceedings, 885-887.
  • A High intensity highly polarized electron beam for high-energy physics, J.L. Turner et al., SLAC-PUB-9235, 2002. Published in *EPAC 02* Proceedings, 1419-1421.
  • Beam stabilization in the SLAC A-line using a skew quadrupole, M. Woodley et al., SLAC-PUB-9233, 2002. Published in *EPAC 02* Proceedings, 1208-1210.
  • High power beam at SLAC, F.J. Decker et al., SLAC-PUB-9359, 2002. Published in *PAC 01* Proceedings, 3936-3938.
  • High current, long beam pulse with SLED, F.J. Decker et al., SLAC-PUB-8113, 1999.  Published in *PAC 99*, 774-776.


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