Thursday, April 24, 1997

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Thirty-some years ago, song-writer Bob Dylan wrote, "The Times They Are A' Changin'." That was true then, and it's still true today. Take for example, SLAC's Take Our Daughters to Work Day which just this year has transitioned into Take Our Children to Work Day. Three years ago, and then again one year later, SLAC offered a special opportunity for the daughters of employees to experience for a day what we do here at SLAC. These special events are sponsored by the Womens' Interchange at SLAC (WIS), and the past ones have been a huge success. Last October, WIS decided to include boys also, recognizing that our sons as well as our daughters could benefit from this positive experience.

On Thursday, April 24, 37 boys and 37 girls are invited to participate in a day of wonder and discovery at SLAC. Take Our Children to Work Day is an event designed to enhance individual self-worth, give purpose to higher education, and inspire careers in science and technology. The program is open to children 9-15 years old on a first come, first served basis.

We hope your children will come participate in SLAC's Take Our Children to Work Day. One thing hasn't changed about this event. It promises to be a fun-filled, interactive experience. Hmmm, it seems after all, "The Times They Are A' Stayin' the Same".

What It's All About

Thursday, April 24 is SLAC's Take Our Children to Work Day, a variation of the national event, Take Our Daughters to Work, created in 1992 by the Ms. Foundation. It is a special event in which participants go with their parents to work instead of going to school for one day. The SLAC event, sponsored by the Women's Interchange at SLAC (WIS), is meant to acquaint our children with SLAC and to help them expand their career aspirations. It is designed to encourage, inspire, and introduce these adolescents to the workplace. Take Our Children to Work Day will give them a chance to experience various careers firsthand by accompanying their parent to their job.

Who is Invited?

Girls and Boys ages 9 through 15. Bring sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.

Visiting a parent's work place increases a child's awareness of some of the options that will be open to them in the future and should help them make informed career choices when that time comes. Registration is limited to 37 girls and 37 boys this year, so register early to avoid disappointment.

What Will They Do at SLAC?

The day will be very busy!

A more detailed schedule is available.


It is necessary for all those involved with this event (staff volunteers, employees bringing their children, etc.) to first obtain permission from their supervisor or manager, and pre-arrange their time charges for the day. SLAC management recognizes the value of this event and supports its employees' participation, whenever feasible. With prior permission, children of any age may come to enjoy spending the day with their parent in the workplace, even if the parent elects not to have them participate in the special activities during the day.

Remember, the morning activities are available only to children who are pre-registered. The Open House activites in the afternoon are open to all.

Commemorative T-Shirt

Participants in this special event (and their parents) may order a T-shirt with a commemorative design. Click here to see a copy of the graphic design. The T-shirts are priced at $3.50 for size Child L, and $ 4.00 for sizes Adult L and XL. Place your order when you register.

How to Register?

You must pre-register your child. Space restrictions limit this year's enrollment to 74 participants. Click here for an on-line registration form. Or you may register by hardcopy, available through your group administrator, or by contacting Yo Wackerman. The forms must be returned to Yo Wackerman, MS 02 by April 4. If you have any questions regarding this event, contact Jan Crehore.


The Take Our Children to Work'97 (TOCTW) Committee wants to extend their sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Burton Richter and all our co-workers who helped make this event happen. Many people worked very hard, and gave freely of their own time, to pull it together. We couldn’t have done it without you! If success is a measure of reward, we are millionaires.

The TOCTW’97 Committee gratefully acknowledges the following people:

Neal Adams, Jim Allan, Ray Alley, Bruce Anderson, Terry Anderson, Nick Arias, Terry Ash, Mark Barnett, John Beach, Dave Bostic, Bill Brooks, Jeff Brown, Sharon Burns, Stephanie Carlson, Rich Cellamare, Michelle Charpentier, Raymond Chow, Bill Colocho, Jeff Colon, Merle Cramar, Rachel Denning, Jonathan Dorfan, Lovetta Dunn, Brenda Eberle, John Eichner, John Escudero, Karen Fant, Ali Farvid, Betty Jane Ferandin, Dave Ficklin, Vickee Flynn, Geovanni Gordon, Haitham Hindi, Barbara Johnson, Roxanne Jones, Doug Kreitz, Pat Kreitz, Denise Larsen, Judy Loken, Maria Lungu, Tom Markiewitz, Jennifer Masek, Regina Matter, Karen McClenahan, Mick McDonald, Ruth McDunn, Eddie McGee, Herb McIntye, John McMahon, P.A. Moore, Len Moss, Krishan Narula, Kristy Nelson, Cheryl Niermeyer, Sylvia Ong, Anna Pacheco, Mike Palrang, Ros Pennacchi, Yolanda Pilastro, Barry Prentiss, Helen Quinn, Claudia Ransom, Kathy Ratcliffe, Micaela Razo, Mary Regan, Robbie Robertson, Reggie Rogers, Frank Rothacker, Rose Santana, Max Schleicher, Crystal Shannon, Roger Sit, Vern Smith, Cherrill Spencer, Dan Srna, Cynthia Stagner, Joli Stieber, Nina Stolar, Rick Tankersley, Duane Thompson, Dwight Thompson, Kathleen Thompson, Ilse Vinson, Yo Wackerman, Jim Wahl, Diedre Webb, Pauline Wethington, Sigrun Williams, Joan Winters, Dennis Wisinski, Jonathan Wong, and Dian Yeremian.

Jan Crehore, Chairperson

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