June 20 - 22, 2002
Stanford, California

Video from XXII Physics in Collision Conference
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Conference Program

All videos are in Real Video format

Thursday, June/20

Session chair:  Pat Burchat
video Stanford/SLAC Welcome   (Doug Osheroff / Jonathan Dorfan)

Flavor Physics Session

video sin2b (sin2f1) and B Mixing  [ppt] [pdf]    (Yibin Pan)
video sin2a (sin2f2) and Rare Hadronic B Decays  [ppt] [pdf]   (Tom Browder)
Session chair:  Bernard Aubert
video Probing SM with EW Penguin B decays   [pdf]    (Mikihiko Nakao)
video Measurements of CKM Elements and Unitarity Triangle   [pdf]   (Helmut Marsiske)

 Flavor Physics Session (continued)

Session chair:  Franco Fabbri
video Charm Physics    [ppt] [pdf]    (Alex Smith)
video f Radiative Decays  [ppt] [pdf]   (Antonella Antonelli)
Session chair:  Jeff Appel
video J/y Radiative Decays   [pdf]   (Shen Xiaoyan) 
video Light Quark Spectroscopy   [pdf]  (Brian Meadows)

Friday, June/21

Astro Particle Physics

Session chair:  Horst Wahl
video Cosmology     [ppt] [pdf]  (Joshua Frieman)
video Time Evolution of Fine Structure Constant   [ppt] [pdf]  (Michael Murphy) 
Session chair:  Jean-Marie Brom
video Test of General Relativity: Lense-Thirring Effect     [pdf]   (Ignazio Ciufolini)
video Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays    [pdf]   (Pierre Sokolsky) 
video Dark Matter Search     (Blas Cabrera) 

QCD Session

Session chair:  Brian Foster
video Low x Physics at HERA   [ppt] [pdf]  (Robin Devenish)
video Spin Structure Functions    [pdf]   (Antje Bruell)
video Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics  [ppt] [pdf]  (Peter Steinberg)
Session chair:  Beate Naroska
video Precision pQCD at HERA   [pdf]  (David Milstead)
video Progress in Lattice QCD    [pdf]  (Andreas Kronfeld)

Saturday, June/22

Neutrino Physics Session

Session chair:  Yoshitaka Kuno
video Atmospheric and Long Baseline Neutrino  [pdf]   (Tsuyoshi Nakaya)
video Solar Neutrino   [pdf]  (Art McDonald) 
Session chair:  Giorgio Gratta
video Accelerator Neutrino Results     [pdf]  (Klaus Eitel)

Electroweak Physics Session

Session chair:  Rudiger Voss
video sin2qw Measurement from NuTeV   [pdf]   (Kevin McFarland)
video Hadronic Contributions to aQED and Muon g-2   [ppt] [pdf]   (Andreas Hoecker)
video Precision Electroweak Measurements    [ppt] [pdf]   (Frederic Teubert)
Session chair:  Wolfgang Lohmann
video Higgs Search Results    [pdf]   (Wolfgang Lohmann for Alexei Raspereza)
video Top and Future Higgs Physics    [ppt] [pdf]   (Pierre Savard) 
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