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Snowmass Workshop (T9: Diagnostics)

Working Group Conveners:
R. Pasquinelli,
M. Ross,

Draft Agenda

This is the draft program for the T9 working group on diagnostics. 

  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.
  July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6 July 7
Morning Plenary Plenary     Joint with e+/e- circular  (M2) T9 Diagnostics Survey  
Afternoon Plenary   Joint with Linear Collider - Instrumentation requirements review (M3)   Accelerator

Joint with Advanced Accelerators 
Evening Welcome
  July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14
Morning     T9 Diagnostics Survey Joint with Muon

Cooling experiment (M1)

Plenary   Stabilization

Joint with M3, T1, T6

Beam Instrumentation Technology School (NPSS) Shafer
Afternoon   Joint with High Current proton (M6) Joint with Large Hadron Collider (M4) Joint with Muon

Cooling diagnostics (M1)

Plenary   Stabilization

Joint with M3, T1, T6

Evening   Mid-Snowmass
Night Party
  July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20 July 21
Afternoon   Joint with Linear collider IP instrumentation (M3, T1, T6)  Joint with Sources (T4) Joint with Beam Dynamics
Plenary Plenary  
Evening   End-of-Run

Tentative Program Organization:

T9 sessions will be:

 1) Joint meetings held with machine groups - review of their plans, requirements and problems.

2) Subsystem reviews to address beam-based diagnostics in general terms:  position, intensity, profile (x and z), feedback (MB and unbunched), loss, luminosity.

Technology reviews

Position     Smith
Intensity     Webber
Profile x     Ross
Profile z     Frisch
Feedback MB     Fox
Feedback uB     

Surveys - Machine requirements & joint sessions with technology groups

T9 Joint sesssions Group Joint group convenor Presentations  
 M1 Muon Cooling K. MacDonald / J. Norem   July 11 AM/PM
 M2 Electron positron circular colliders A. Fisher A. Fisher, D. Sagan, F. Decker July 5 PM
 M3 Linear colliders T. Raubenheimer   July 3 PM
 M4 Hadron colliders S. Peggs   July 10 PM/ July 16 PM
 M5 Lepton - hadron colliders      
 M6 Proton Sources W. Chou   July 9 PM
 T1 Interaction Region T. Markiewicz G. Bonvicini (7/14) July 14 AM/PM July 16 PM July 18 PM
 T4 Sources J. Sheppard   July 17 PM
 T5 Beam Dynamics S. Y. Lee M. Minty July 18 PM
 T6 Environmental control A. Seryi   July 14 AM/PM July 16 PM
 T8 Advanced Accelerator RD W. Leemans P. Catravas July 6 PM 
Schedule leader/secretary


Plenary talks:

  Position    S Smith
  Profile - transverse


M. Ross
  Profile - longitudinal   J. Frisch
  Intensity   R. Webber
  Multi-bunch feedback July 10 Fox
  Stochastic / single bunch / unbunched feedback