WG T6 : Environmental Control : Program overview
Detailed program
Date Morning noon Afternoon
July 1 Plenary Plenary
2 Plenary T6 agenda, goals, project scopes, requirements
3   Project requirements; ground motion
4   4th of July holiday
5 Ground motion session  
6   Ground motion session
7, Sat   Site& equipment requirements session
8, Sun Open? - Sunday Open? – Sunday
9 Tunnel workshop. Joint with M3 Tunnel workshop. Joint with M3
10 Tunnel workshop Tunnel workshop ?
11   Midterm summary, discussions
12 Plenary Plenary
14, Sat Active stabilization, intratrain feedback. Joint with M3, T1 Active stabilization session
15, Sun Open? - Sunday Open? – Sunday
16   Interaction region stability. Joint with T1, M3, (T2 ?)
17   NPSS Technology School
Ground motion, Optimal Tunneling and Environmental Considerations for Future Colliders
18 Ground motion effects in future accelerators - NPSS noon lecture R&D Technology Roadmapping. Summary writing.
19   Plenary
20 Plenary Plenary
21, Sat Departure Departure