WG T6: Topics, goals and work to achieve them:
Topic Goal Approach
T6.1 Ground motion and vibrations, measurements and analysis  Identify relevant for accelerators ground motion and vibration characteristics. Establish acceptable levels. Review information on motion level versus condition, site and geology, identify measurement techniques existing and to be developed. Review methods of modeling, analysis and establishing tolerances. Review tolerances for machines.

T6.2 Site characteristics and requirements,conventional facilities and equipment requirements
Establish requirements and preferences for a site in terms of location, geology and ground motion noise level. Establish criteria for the conventional facilities and equipment in terms of added noise at a site. Identify feasibility and required R&D for the mitigation methods. Translate tolerances into requirements for geology, noise level, etc. Review conventional facilities and equipment in terms of vibration silence. Determine required performance of mitigation methods.
T6.3 Tunneling optimization and requirements. Identify optimal tunneling techniques for big accelerators. Review existing industrial methods of tunneling and optimize techniques for our particular requirements.
T6.4 Counteraction and active systems. Identify required performance of active stabilization and correction systems; find optimal combination of techniques. Identify possible optimization and required R&D. Review existing and proposed system.
T6.5 Machine alignment, installation Identify optimal alignment technique for a machine. Identify possible optimization and required R&D. Review methods used now and suggested for new machines.