Snowmass 2001, WG T6: Participants (tentative)

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Name Affiliation e-mail Possible reports, relevant expertise Dates of presence, status
Fred Asiri SLAC Vibration suppression for conventional facilities equipment July 3 to 12
Ralph Assmann CERN CLIC stability studies July 6 to 14
Robert Bauer Illinois State Geological Survey ~July 9-11
Wilhelm Bialowons DESY 3 weeks
Phil Burrows Oxford Fast intratrain feedback 3 weeks
John Cogan SLAC July 3 to 12
Clay Corvin SLAC July 3 to 12
William Fowler FNAL ?
Philip Frame ~July 9-11
Joe Frisch SLAC Final Doublet inertial stabilization 3 weeks
Peter Garbincius FNAL ?
Lindemar Hanisch DESY June 30 to July 11
Jorgen Beck Hansen CERN ?
Linda Hendrickson SLAC Final Doublet inertial stabilization; Linac stabilization 1.5 weeks
Donald Hilton Donald Hilton & Asociates ~July 9-11
Vic Kuchler FNAL July 7 to 10
Joe Lach FNAL 3 weeks
Chris Laughton FNAL 3 weeks
Catherine LeCocq SLAC Alignment of accelerators July 17
Craig Moore FNAL ?
Dave Neil NSA Engineering, Inc. ~July 9-11
Rainer Pitthan SLAC Long term motion; Alignment; LEP tunnel experience July 6 to 20
Katherine Pacha ?
Johannes Prenting DESY July 8 to 14
Armin Reichold Oxford FSI for linear collider alignment July 14 to 18
Marc Ross SLAC 3 weeks
Andrei Seryi SLAC 3 weeks
Michael Schmitz DESY July 8 to 14
Steve Smith SLAC Intratrain feedback July 8 to ?
Nick Simos BNL Vibration, tunnel and layered ground interaction ~July 1 to 11
Peter Tenenbaum SLAC Beam based alignment 3 weeks
Norbert Tesch DESY July 8 to 14
Nobukazu Toge KEK ?
Andy Wolski LBNL ?
Lars Babenderede Babendererde Ingenieure GmbH Tunneling Contacted
Charles Graham Canadian Mining Industry Research Organization   Contacted
Tom Mattison UBC, Canada Final Doublet optical stabilization Contacted
Daniel Schulte CERN Beam collision stabilization. Influence of ground motion on accelerator. Contacted
Gennady Stupakov SLAC Contacted
Seishi Takeda KEK KEK ground motion studies. Contacted
Glen White Oxford Beam collision stabilization. Contacted
Toby Wightman American Underground Construction Association Contacted
Frank Zimmermann CERN Contacted