Working Group on Linear Colliders





Sun.   7/1



Mon.  7/2


T group session

Tue.   7/3

Linac technology discussion

T group session: T9 diagnostic requirements

Wed.  7/4

Design overview and luminosity performance with E3 group


Thu.   7/5

T group session: T1 background issues at e+/e- linear colliders


Fri.    7/6

Damping ring issues

T group session: T1 gamma-gamma IR

Sat.    7/7

Emittance preservation: DR FF: Joint with T5

T group session: T5 on emittance preservation

Mon.  7/9

Tunneling and conventional facilities: Joint with T6

T group session: T6 on tunneling

Tue.   7/10

T group session

Emittance preservation continued

Wed.  7/11

Beam delivery design


Panel discussion with E3 group continued (starting 12:15)

T group session: T1,T2 on IR magnets and design  

T group session: T5 on IBS 

T group session: T4 on e+ production 

Thu.   7/12


Emittance preservation: joint with T5 group

Fri.    7/13

High energy limitations and upgrade paths with experimental groups


T group session: T4 on polarized e+

Sat.    7/14

Active stabilization: Joint with T6 and T1

T group session: T6 on stabilization workshop

Mon.  7/16

RF systems: RF cavities and HOM: Joint with T3

T group session: T1 T6, and T9  (include alignment issues)

Tue.   7/17

Joint with M1: high energy muon facility

T group session

Wed.  7/18

Discussion on R&D plans and collaborations

T group session

Thu.   7/19

Summary preparation


Fri.    7/20



    Blue: M3 scheduled session
    Red: Joint session scheduled during T group time-slot
   Green: Interesting T group session





Tuesday (7/3) AM          Cabaret room


Linac Technology and R&D plans 

Present current state of knowledge to the group and the experimental groups along with schedules and rough resource requirements for the R&D to complete a design


08:00            Introduction and organization

08:30               L. Lilje                  TESLA SC cavity R&D

09:00               H. Weise              TESLA Test Facility Operation

09:45               M. Ross               NLC X-band R&D and NLCTA Operation

10:30                           Coffee Break

11:00               N. Toge                JLC X-band and C-band R&D

11:30               G. Guignard         CLIC 30 GHz R&D and TBA development



Tuesday (7/3) PM          Top-of-the-Village Lobby


Linear collider instrumentation (Joint with T9)



Wednesday (7/4) AM    Ball room


Design performance overview (Joint with E3 group) 

Present performance overviews of designs along with luminosity expectations including turn-on, operational tuning, and overheads associated with parameter changes such as the cms energy. 


08:00               J. Jaros                 Introduction

08:30               R. Brinkmann       The TESLA design

09:00               T. Raubenheimer  The NLC design

09:30               N. Toge                  The JLC design

10:00               G. Guignard           The CLIC design

10:30                           Coffee Break

11:00               Discussion in Cabaret room


Thursday (7/5) AM          Eldorado A


Background issues in e+/e-  linear colliders (Joint with T1 group) 



Friday (7/6) AM              Cabaret room


Damping ring design 

Review the damping ring designs and the performance expectations and limitations


08:30               W. Decking               TESLA damping ring   
(also talk on Space charge effects)

09:15               A. Wolski                   NLC damping rings

10:00                           Coffee Break

10:30               K. Kubo                     JLC damping ring and ATF results            

11:15               Discussion

                             Damping ring R&D issues: John Corlett


Friday (7/6) PM              Eldorado A

Gamma-gamma IR design (Joint with T1 group)



Saturday (7/7) AM          Cabaret Room

Emittance preservation DR IP (Joint with T5 group)


           08:30               T. Raubenheimer      Emittance Correction & Preservation in Rings and Linacs

           09:15               R. Assmann              Comparison of Beam Dynamics in the NLC/JLC, CLIC and TESLA Main Linacs

10:00                           Coffee break

10:30               N. Walker                 Emittance Preservation in Beam Delivery Systems



Saturday (7/7) PM          Club room

Emittance preservation DR IP (Joint with T5 group)


01:30               D. Schulte                 Correlated Emittance Growth and Luminosity Sensitivity

02:30               A. Kabel                     Coherent Synchrotron Radiation, Theory and Experimental Results



Monday (7/9) AM          Cabaret Room

Tunneling and conventional facilities (Joint with T6 group)



Monday (7/9) PM          Timberline

Tunneling and conventional facilities (Joint with T6 group)



Tuesday (7/10) AM            Not Scheduled

Not scheduled!



Tuesday (7/10) PM            Cabaret Room


beam dynamics experimental tests

alignment issues

MPS issues

Commissioning strategies and startup


4:00pm joint session with E3 in Ballroom – energy and luminosity issues


Wednesday (7/11) AM              Cabaret Room

Beam Delivery system design


        8:30            TESLA BDS              N. Walker

        9:15            NLC BDS                  P. Raimondi
                                        (also a discussion of chromatic correction) 

        10:00               Coffee break

        10:30          CLIC BDS                 R. Assmann  

        11:15          LINX Test Facility    A. Seryi
                                (also LINX documentation and DRAFT LOI)



Wednesday (7/11) Lunch          Ballroom

Joint session with E3 – panel discussion continued


Wednesday (7/11) PM              Eldorado A

IR design and magnet issues (Joint with T1 & T2 groups)



Thursday (7/12) AM            Ballrooom

8:00            Plenary



Thursday (7/11) PM            Cabaret Room

3:00            Joint session with beam dynamics T5

              Beam-based Alignment Techniques and Algorithms

                         - P. Tenenbaum, "Overview and NLC-specific"  30'  

                                                (also: alignment issues for TESLA cavities)

                         - D. Schulte, "CLIC-specific issues"   10'

                         - V. Tsakanov, "TESLA-specific issues 10'  



Friday (7/13) AM            Cabaret Room

High energy limitations and upgrade paths


        8:30            R. Brinkmann            “TESLA upgrade path to 1 TeV”

        9:00            D. Schulte                   “Limitation at very multi-TeV energies

        10:00          R. Ruth                       “Upgrade paths to multi-TeV”


11:00 Joint with E3 group in Ballroom – energy and luminosity issues



Friday (7/13) PM           

1:30            Positron polarization (Joint with T4 group)


Saturday (7/14) AM            Cabaret Room 

8:30            Stabilization and feedback techniques (Joint with T1 & T6 groups)



Saturday (7/14) PM            Eldorado A

1:30            Stabilization and feedback techniques (Joint with T1 & T6 groups)




Monday (7/16) AM            Cabaret Room

8:30            RF systems and cavity higher-order modes (Joint with T3 group)  

                        Peter Kneisel Superconducting RF technology fundamentals      

                        Jacek Sekutowicz  HOM damping in TESLA cavities

                        Martin Dohlus, Short range longitudinal wakefields and cryogenic load

                        Roger Jones,  X-band structure HOM studies

                        Juwen Wang, X-band structure design



Monday (7/16) PM            Eldorado A

1:30            IR stability and instrumentation issues (Joint with T1, T6 & T9 groups)



Tuesday (7/17) AM            Cabaret Room

8:30             Joint session with M1 on high energy muon colliders!

11:00           Group discussion and summary preparation



Wednesday (7/18) AM              Cabaret Room 

8:30            Group discussion and summary preparation