Working Group on Linear Colliders 



The linear collider group should give a vision of the potential of linear colliders both in the near and far term. Special emphasis should be placed on the clear identification of the beam physics limits and accelerator technology limits and an examination of the extent that they have been addressed by past research or need to be addressed by future research. These issues should be addressed for all the leading possible technical realizations of a Linear Collider. Finally, the Linear Collider group should summarize the highest priority research topics for different technological realizations of both the near term proposals and longer term concepts and give a rough time scale for key calculations, experiments or technology developments. In particular, we would like the linear collider group to pay special attention to the NLC/JLC design, the TESLA design for possible near term projects. For the longer term, the group should examine the upgradability of each design with extensions of the proposed technology. The group should also examine two-beam ideas as either an upgrade option or a stand alone technology for higher energy linear colliders.