Build Web presentations from Postscript

Webify is a program which makes web-browsable trees of hypertext files and JEPG images from Postscript source files.

Webify is freely distributed in C source form, and runs on UNIX systems having Ghostscript installed with PPMRAW conversion along with the cjpeg or ppmtogif utilities (all available free). It can be used (on UNIX systems) to convert postscript files generated on Macs, PCs, and elsewhere.

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD a large compressed tar file containing webify source. The size of the file stems from the postscript containing the above presentation; webify is a simple, single C program which invokes GhostScript to do most of the real work. Documentation is sparse.

Additional notes on webify usage are here; check them out for important information.

Today is 11/13/00. Feedback to Steve Ward. Ward@mit.edu.