April 24 - 27, 2000

Coordinator: J. Cornuelle

SLAC: Orange Rm.


Agree on and publish the projected CD 0.4 machine configuration Exec. Group


Agree on how we approximate the missing information (like lattice details) Exec. Group


Publish all remaining CD 0.4 configuration information Exec. Group 4/4/00
Reconfirm and publish the NLC project timeline (CD-1 through CD-4) John/ D. Burke 4/4/00
Publish the cost and contingency guidelines Jon/John/Ray Complete
Publish cost estimator and coordinator guidelines/responsibilities Jon/John/Ray 3/31/00
Publish all other cost-related information – definitions and detailed instructions Jon/John/Ray 3/31/00
Reconfirm/modify the labor rate table Jon/John/Ray/PP&C 4/3/00
Decide if we will publish any “suggested” benchmarks for costing (e.g. ED&I as a percent of construction costs) Exec. Group Complete / No Action
Publish the WBS that we will use for April 24-27 PP&C


Resolve Action Items from WBS Workshop PP&C 4/4/00
Publish CD 0.4 detailed schedule John C. 4/3/00
Publish draft agenda for project costing workshop Dave Burke 4/4/00
Redefine the treaty points/boundaries for the new WBS Coordinators/TSETs 4/7/00
Preliminary Costs to Project Planning Group Coordinators 4/14/00
Complete Cost Estimates All Estimators 4/17/00
Supply Cost Detail to Area Coordinators All Estimators 4/17/00
Coordinators Supply Summary Information to Project Planning Group Coordinators 4/19/00
Project Planning Group Publishes Rolled-Up Cost PP&C 4/21/00
Begin Costing Workshop All 4/24/00
PP&C = Project Planning and Coordinating Group


Breakout Session Room Assignments

  • 1.1 
Conventional Facilities  Bldg.281 Conference Rm. Bldg.281
  • 1.2
Injector Systems  J. Sheppard's Office Bldg. 212 Rm.1
  • 1.3 
Main Linac Systems Orange Rm. A Bldg. 040
  • 1.4 
Beam Delivery Systems Cascades Rm. Bldg.212
  • 1.5
Electronics/Controls Orange Rm. B Bldg. 040
  • 1.6 
Technical Services Fuji Rm. Bldg.214
  • 1.7
Project Management D. Burke's Office Bldg.214 - Rm.14



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