ISG-X NLC Joint Meeting
June 17 - 20, 2003

WG2: Power Sources and SLED II

Chin, Tantawi, Vlieks

6/17 PM Joint Session with the structure group

  Discussions on breakdown studies  
  RF distribution system for the 8-pack project C. Nantista

6/18 AM-PM Klystron

  Status of PPM-4 and PPM-5 at KEK Chin
  Status of PPM-2 and XP3-3 at SLAC Vlieks
Discussion and future planning
6/18 PM---6/19 AM Pulse compression
  Status of the 8-pack SLED-II RF systems at SLAC Tantawi
  New component design at SLAC Nantista
  SLED-II back-up status at KEK Chin
  DLDS cold model test at KEK Chin
  Discussion and future planning for R1 and R2  
6/19 PM Modulator
  Status of 8-pack modulator at SLAC Cassel
  2-pack modulator status at SLAC Cassel
  IGBT modulator at KEK Chin
Discussion and future planning
Summary Klystron and Modulator Chin

June 24, 2003