ISG-X NLC Joint Meeting
June 17 - 20, 2003

WG1 - Accelerator Design Schedule


  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


IR RF Structures Joint session

N. Delerue: FEATHER

    A. Seryi: NLC IR1/IR2 Layout/Lattices

Z. Li: Structure parameter optimization

P. Burrows: FONT
    F. Pilat: US Cold IR Design

     Cavity design issues - discussion

N. Delerue: Kicker Design for FEATHER

    H. Yamaoka: Support tube R&D for Final Quad

Roger Jones: Wakefield calculations


10:30   J.Frisch: Overview of SLAC R&D on Inertial Stabilization

     Frequency control tolerances - discussion

T. Raubenheimer: Ions at ATF

    E.Doyle: Next generation sensor

Gordon Bowden: Fabrication tolerances/model

J. Wu: CSR

    All: Discussion on X-angle/Crab cavity status

Tor Raubeneimer: Alignment sensitivities

B. Nash: IBS in ATF


     Alignment tolerance - discussion

M. Ross: Summary
        Future Plans
        T. Tauchi/All: Discussion of general Nano BPM plans @ ATF
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00 GM / stabilization

Linac dynamics, DRs & Parameters

J. Gronberg/P. Fitsos: LLNL NanoBPM support status



T.Tauchi: KEK-GM Measurements

K.Kubo: SLEPT simulation w/ GM

H. Yamaoka: Engineering review of LLNL support

Summary of ground motion/stability working group - J. Gronberg, A.Seryi and T.Tauchi

H.Yamaoka: KEK-GM Measurements

K. Kubo: ATF results

J. Frisch: Controls Interface to LLNL Space Frame


A. Seryi: Slow Motion Study Update

M. Woodley: ATF BBA

M. Ross: NanoBPM work at ATF (overview)


P. Tenenbaum: NLC Linac studies


S. Smith: NanoBPM resolution & calibration issues

    V. Dolgashev - Talk of Pavel Logachev - Budker INP: Status of the liquid metal positron target for NLC    
15:30 GM / stabilization (joint with civil)      
16:00 F.Asiri:  Vibration Transmission Study Plenary Plenary  
  T.Matsuda: Facilities @ KEK & hard-bedrock sites      
  F.LePimpec: Klystron-Modulator vibration study      
  C. Boffo: Linac Girder Stability    

July 08, 2003