SLAC ILC Beam Delivery Group

Beam Delivery Group Meetings
Day: Tuesday
Time: 1:30-3:00
Location: Bldg. 214 Conference Room "Fuji"

Connection info: call: 510-665-5437, meeting ID: 0144 Webex with callback
Files and notes from most recent meetings are at Indico

Date Who Title
4/24/2007 Keller, Walz, Doyle

Beam dump & shock waves discussion

4/17/2007 Seryi

Draft of BDS talk to MAC

4/10/2007 White, Parker, Seryi, Keller

FD design; FD jitter; Alt. E spectrometer; S4 process

4/3/2007 Nosochkov, Parker, Seletsky, Maruyama

Optics for extraction for L*=4.5m, antisolenoids, background

3/27/2007 Glen White, John Amann, Cherrill Spencer

Luminosity vs jitter; ATF septum model

3/13/2007 Lew Keller, John Amann

Head-on workshop; spoiler thickness; NEGs in IR

3/6/2007 Liling Xiao, Zenghai Li, Bill Morse

Crab cavity design; GamCal

2/27/2007 Gupta, all

HTS for ILC extraction quad, L* study, Magnets for ATF2

2/20/2007 Parker, Seletskiy

Force neutral antisolenoid, Optimization of antisolenoids

2/13/2007 Markiewicz, Asiri, Seryi, Batygin

EDR discussion, Emittance measurements in FODO channel

1/30/2007 Kaefer, Amann

ILC polarimeter at DESY, IR design

1/23/2007 Amann, Parker, Woods

IR design, Test beam workshop

1/16/2007 The group

Summaries from European ILC workshop

1/9/2007 Woodley, Spencer, Lam, McCormick

Summaries from ATF2 project meeting

12/12/2006 Woodley, White

ATF2 optics and tuning

12/5/2006 Kostromin, Duginov, Keller, Maruyama,Woods,Batygin

E-spectrometer, ILC in Dubna, Beam-gas, EPAC, emittance reconstruction

11/28/2006 The group


11/21/2006 Asiri, Sanami, Amann, Markiewicz, Moffeit

CFS, Single IR rad.phys., IR platform, Beam dump, 2* field in polarimeter

11/14/2006 All and J.Amann

Summary from Valencia, NEGs for BDS vacuum system

10/31/2006 Sanami, Mokhov, Keller, Amann, Woodley et al

Non-self-shielding detector, Muon doughnuts, IR hall deformation & design, single IR BDS

10/24/2006 Amann, Moffeit, Batygin, Spencer, et al

Push-pull, IR design, 1TeV extraction diagnostics, beam matrix

10/10/2006 Nosochkov, Parker, White

FD and optics for push-pull, BDS feedback & vibration

10/3/2006 Seletskiy, Sanami

Spherical detector, GLD radiation physics

9/26/2006 Erickson, Batygin

SABER, 4d matrix

9/19/2006 Breidenbach, Sanami, Woodley, et all

IR SiD requirements, Rad.physics, Min 250GeV/beam BDS

9/12/2006 Xiao, Sanami, Amann, et all

Crab cavity, Radiation physics, GLD assembly, IR outfitting

9/5/2006 White, Keller, Asiri, et all

Feedback after linac, survivability of spoilers, CF&S progress, discussion of cost reduction

8/29/2006 Torrence, Sternberg, Agapov, et al

E-spectrometer, diagnostics, CF&S layouts

8/22/2006 Keller, White, Amann, Asiri, et al

Beam sweeping, BDS tuning & feedback, 5m muon wall, CF&S layout

8/15/2006 Mark Woodley, The group

Updates, tentative 14/14 layout

8/1/2006 The group

Discussion of CMS detector assembly approach

7/25/2006 The group, Xi Yang, Martin Gastal

Summary from Vancouver, Study of 2mrad at FNAL, CMS approach

7/11/2006 Maruyama

SR from FD and Backscattering from 2mrad extraction line elements

6/27/2006 Moffeit,Spencer,Mokhov,Nakao,Raimondi,Pivi,Seryi

Downstream diagnostivs, power for extraction magnets, Radiation studies, Crossing angle parameters optimization

6/20/2006 Keller, Nosochkov, White

Status of head-on extraction, comparison studies, feedbacks in BDS

6/13/2006 Ross, Asiri, Parker

Instrumentation in BDS, CF&S layout of BDS tunnels, Antisolenoid design

6/6/2006 Parker, Asiri et al

Design of tail folding octupoles, CF&S layout of BDS tunnels

5/16/2006 Seryi, Ko, Bane, Nosochkov, Spencer

Crab cavity mtg., vacuum chamber wakes, beam sweaping, low field bends

5/2/2006 The group

Discussion of CF&S requirements, agenda of beam dump mtg., summary of magnet meeting

4/25/2006 Magnet Tech group, BDS group, Tom Markiewicz

Discussion of BDS power needs with Magnet technical group

4/18/2006 Briant Lam, the Group

Tests of ATF2 HA power supply. Discussion of ILC2006b optics and layout

4/11/2006 The group, Woodley, Keller

Discussion of BDS power supply, cables and civil layout. New optics & sacrificial collimators

3/28/2006 The group

Discussion following the review of BDS by GDE RDR management

2/28/2006 Bellomo, Spencer, Fasso, Drozhdin, et al

Progress with HA PS, ATF2 magnets, IR shielding, Extraction losses, etc

2/21/2006 Markiewicz, Fasso, et al

Discussion after the beam dump meeting at DESY, update on IR rad.phys. study

2/7/2006 Doyle, Nosochkov, Fasso

ATF2 mtg. summary, NLC beam dump design, collimators in front of dump, IR rad.phys. study

1/31/2006 Bellomo,Keller,Spencer

HA PS for ATF2, muons from PC3, quads for ATF2

1/24/2006 Mokhov,Keller,Rokni,Fasso et al

Radiation physics tasks and plans

1/10/2006 The group, F.Jackson

Plans for RDR year; Collimation optimization

12/20/2005 S.Drozhdin, C.Spencer

Crab cavity masking, ATF2 quads production at IHEP

12/13/2005 C.Spencer, Y.Nosochkov, L.Keller, T.Markiewicz

ATF2 quads, 14mr extraction, Self-shielding detector, SiD hall

11/29/2005 D.Walz, L.Keller, et al

Discussion of pro/cons for separate tune-up beam dumps

11/22/2005 wg4 representatives

Phone meeting to disciss BCD/ACD & GDE decisions

11/15/2005 A.Fasso et al

Tasks for Radiation Physics group

11/10/2005 wg4 representatives

Phone meeting to disciss BCD/ACD

11/8/2005 G.White, B.Parker

BDS tuning simulations; Considerations of SC FD for ATF2

11/1/2005 S.Smith, M.Woodley, A.Seryi

Feedback kicker; e+& BDS; ATF2 FD; R&D for BDS options

10/25/2005 A.Jain, T.Mattison, B.Parker, A.Seryi

Summary and Highlights from Nanobeam 2005

10/11/2005 L.Hendrickson, A.Seryi, F.Asiri, L.Keller

Feedback at 5Hz; single to two IRs upgrade; civil issues of IR upgrades; errant beams in BDS

10/4/2005 T.Hartin, Y.Nosochkov, A.Seryi, B.Parker

Fast feedback hardware; anti-DID for SiD, GLD, LDC; 14mrad extraction; incoming & outgoung layouts

9/27/2005 S.Drozhdin, A.Seryi, B.Parker, M.Woodley

Crab-cavity aperture; DID for TPC; anti-DID; diagnostics length & betatron error aperture

9/20/2005 B.Parker, C.Corvin, T.Markiewicz, B.Cooper,A.Seryi

Intermediate crossing angle; civil issues of push-pull; SiD tracker design & assembly; ff4.5L*, 2mrad e-e-

9/13/2005 The Group, Brett Parker, Mark Woodley, Clay Corvin

BCD/ACD; intermediate crossing angle; BSY, extraction & diagnostics; civil issues of push-pull

9/6/2005 The Group, Mark Woodley

General discussion of work after Snowmass; BSY chicane

8/9/2005 Keller, Walz

Head-on with E-separator, Beam dump for ILC

8/2/2005 Nosochkov, Tropin, Fasso, Nakao, Vincke

Extraction line for 1TeV CM, Towards MARS-GEANT4 BDIR-SiD interface, SLAC RP current activities in radiation simulation and possible extension to ILC

7/26/2005 Keller, Maruyama, Carter, Woodley, Kostin, Seryi

E-deposition in SC QD0, ATF2 optics, Solenoid effect in BDSIM, SR photons in extraction, High L pars., DID fields

7/19/2005 Peter McIntyre, Mikhail Kostin

Nb3Sn SC magnets; 20mrad extraction in MARS

7/12/2005 John Carter, Takashi Maruyama

BDSIM, Geant3/4, SLIC and other tools for BDS/Detector simulations

6/28/2005 BDS group

Discussion of the BDIR workshop and BDS BCD

6/16/2005 Kostin, Nosochkov et al.

Protection collimators, 2mrad extraction with short FD, new results for BDIR workshop

6/7/2005 Maruyama, Keller, Nosochkov, Doyle, Woodley

New SiD geometry, Sise at beam dump window, ANSYS study of beam dump window, ATF2 optics with new diagnostics

5/31/2005 Andrei Seryi, Brett Parker

ATF2 design news, SC quads feasibility and scaling models

5/24/2005 BDIR Group

Discussion of status and work plans

5/10/2005 Yuri Nosochkov, Juhao Wu, & Mikhail Kostin

Effect of Solenoid on Extraction Line Optics and Losses (Yuri); Multi-bunch Electron Cloud effects in the ILC BDS (Juhao); Muons from MARS (Kostin)

5/3/2005 Juhao Wu & Mark Woodley

Analytic Evaluation of Luminosity Loss due to bunch offset, crab angle & microstructure (banana) effects (Wu); Redesign of the ILC BSY & Dump (Mark)

4/26/2005 Takashi Maruyama,Mark Woodley & Lew Keller

Rad. Bhabhas in the 2 mrad IR, Review of 2 mrad design phone meeting, Review of beam dump design meeting

4/22/2005 BDIR Group & Ken Moffeit

Euro-American Phone Meeting to discuss the 2 mrad IR Design with talk by Ken Moffeit on "Diagnostics in the 2mrad Extraction Line"

4/19/2005 Maruyama,Bane,Kashikhin,Moffeit, Woodley,Agapov…

IR models, ATF2 wakes, 2mrad IR sextuppoles, diagnostics, optics, ATF & ILC laser wire diagnostics

4/12/2005 Nosochkov, Keller, Seryi

20mrad extraction update, Protection collimators, MET seismometer for IR, Gamma-gamma parameters

4/5/2005 Woodley, Nosochkov, Drozhdin, Parker

ATF2 diagnostics, ILC chicanes emittance growth, 20mrad extraction update, 20mrad SC quads design update

3/29/2005 Steve Smith, Mark Woodley, Andrei Seryi

BPM for 2mrad IR, ATF2 optics developments (reduction #bends) Independent Measurement of Two Beams in an IP Feedback BPM (Draft. See mtg. 2005-03-29)

3/23/2005 Steve Smith

Independent Measurement of Independent Measurement of Two Beams in an IP Feedback BPM (Draft. See mtg. 2005-03-29)

3/15/2005 Parker, Seryi, Nosochkov, Maruyama

Antisolenoids for SiD, 20 mrad extraction, Geant model of 2mrad extraction

3/8/2005 Nosochkov,Maruyama,Keller, et al

2mrad extraction, ILC-FF9, Head-on with rf kicker, ILC-FF9, SC QD0, Feedback

3/1/2005 Parker, Raubenheimer, Adolphsen, Keller

SC compact QD0, New ILC parameters, Crab cavity, Beam dump & layout

2/24/2005 Orsay,Saclay,Daresbury,Brookhaven,Fermilab,SLAC

Discussion of 2mrad extraction line design

2/22/2005 Nosochkov,Seryi,Parker,Spencer,Keller,Maruyama

2mrad extraction line design

2/15/2005 M.Pivi, M.Ross, C.Spencer, A.Seryi

ATF2 Optics, Bunch compression, magnets

2/8/2005 Andrei Seryi, Takashi Maruyama, Lew Keller

Reoptimized BDS ILC-FF8, Update on background in 20 and 2mrad case, A look at zero degree extraction using a kicker

2/1/2005 Yuri Nosochkov, Mauro Pivi, Andrei Seryi

Update on extraction line for 2mrad, Scaling of Kuroda san's optics to 1TeV, Optimization of betatron collimation

1/25/2005 Brett Parker & Andrei Seryi

Gamma-gamma option IR design, Optimization of IR for g-g using DID , & Crab cavity effects on the Y beam size

1/18/2005 Yuri Nosochkov & Valery Telnov

Extraction Line Optics for 20 mrad,L*(ext)=4m w/latest SC compact quad design & Photon Collider Option in the SiD and LD cases

1/11/2005 Deepa Angal-Kalinin

Ongoing and Planned BDS Work at ASTeC (Daresbury Lab, CCLRC)

12/15/2004 M. Woodley & A. Seryi

Optics Required for Straw Man Layout w/ 20 and 2 mrad IPs and Conv. Facilities Constraints on Layout Options

12/7/2004 Y. Nosochkov, M. Pivi, T. Markiewicz, & A. Seryi

ILC 20 mrad Xang Extraction Line Design, ATF2 Optics, Parker QD0 Design Summary & Crab Cavity and Tunnel Layout Considerations

11/30/2004 M Pivi, A Seryi, M Woodley, Y Nosochkov & C Corvin

ATF2 Optics, ATF Extraction Line Dispersion, ILC 20 mrad Xang Extraction Line Design & CF Considerations for IR Layouts

11/23/2004 Andrei Seryi & Yuri Nosochkov

Beam Delivery Project List & Extraction Line Design Condiderations

11/5/2004 Takashi Maruyama, Yuri Nosochkov & Andrei Seryi

Backscattered SR from beam halo for 2mrad Horiz.Xang., Extraction line doublet/quadruplet Options for "0" mrad IR & Lattice options for "20" mrad IR

10/4/2004 Andrei Seryi & Takashi Maruyama

SR radiation for 2mrad Horizontal Crossing & Design of a FF Test Lattice for the SLAC B Line

9/23/2004 Glen White, Andrei Seryi & Takashi Maruyama

Results & Plans for Studies related to Crossing Angle

9/8/2004 Andrei Seryi

Beam Delivery Tasks in the ILC Era

9/11/2003 Lew Keller

Collimation System Device Survivability Under Errant Beam Conditions

5/6/2003 Richard Partridge

Inertial Sensor Project Status, Sensor Electronics Measurements & Discussion of possible of Feedback Algorithms

4/22/2003 Linda Hendrickson & Richard Partridge

Inertial Sensor Software Status and Contribution of Spring Creep to Sensor Noise

4/8/2003 Josef Frisch

Inertial Sensor R&D Schedule

4/7/2003 Josef Frisch & Richard Partridge

Inertial Sensor Status, Plans & Measurements

4/4/2003 Andrei Seryi, John Jaros & Mark Woodley

LC Experimental Issues: Difficulties vs. Advantages of a 10mm VXD and Planned Lattice & Subsequent Energy Reach for the LEIR

11/13/2002 Tom Markiewicz

Introduction to LC IR Issues, A Talk at November 2002 Joint Particle Accelerator School, Long Beach, CA

11/7/2002 Tom Markiewicz

NLC Vibration R&D Program, A Talk at November 2002 SLAC MAC Meeting

10/14/2002 Richard Partridge & Marc Ross

Capacitive Inertial Sensor Tests & Nanometer Resolution BPMs for ATF

5/31/2002 Tom Markiewicz

Machine-Detector Interface, A Talk at May 2002 SLAC Meeting on LC R&D Opportunities

5/10/2002 Tom Markiewicz

IP Prototype Concept and Plans, A Talk at May 2002 MAC meeting at Fermilab

3/18/2002 Lew Keller

Beam-Gas-Bremsstrahlung and Coulomb Scattering in the NLC Beam Delivery System

2/4/2002 Tom Markiewicz

NLC IR Overview, A Talk at LC'02

1/28/2002 Jeff Gronberg & Ken Skulina

LLNL Plans for doing Gamma-Gamma Cillisions at LINX

12/10/2001 Brett Parker, BNL

A Superconducting Magnet Design for the Final Quadrupoles of the NLC

9/17/2001 Tom Markiewicz & Jeff Gronberg

FY 2002 Gamma-Gamma R&D Program and Beam Delivery Footprint Options with the Latest Integrated Collimation System & Final Focus

9/10/2001 Tom Markiewicz

FY 2002 Beam Delivery R&D Program

8/27/2001 Takashi Maruyama

Final Focus Studies using GEANT 3

7/23/2001 Simon Jolly

Low Latency Intratrain Feedback R&D Status

6/19/2001 Jeff Gronberg

Gamma-Gamma to Hadrons Background Calculation Update (2)

6/4/2001 Jeff Gronberg

Gamma-Gamma to Hadrons Background Calculation Update (1)

5/7/2001 Lew Keller

Efficiency of proposed integrated non-linear Collimation+ FF lattice

4/30/2001 Chris Hill & Ken Skulina

Gamma-Gamma to Hadrons Background Calculation Status & The current Gamma-Gamma IR Layout

3/9/2001 BDIR Group

Beam Delivery R&D Review

3/8/2001 Steve Smith

A BPM/Kicker System Design for IntraBunch Feedback

3/6/2001 Mike Sullivan

PeP-II IR Vacuum System

3/1/2001 Tom Markiewicz

Fermilab Line Drive Seminar: Interaction Region Issues at a Linear Collider

2/12/2001 Peter Tenenbaum

Collimation System Status & Plans

2/5/2001 Pantaleo Raimondi & Stan Hertzbach

Optimizating the Final Doublet

1/29/2001 Lew Keller & David Asner

Radiation Safety Calculations for the NLC 2001 Layout and Modifications to the new FF to handle round beams for gamma-gamma running

12/11/2000 Glen White

Effectiveness of Intertrain Feedback at NLC, TESLA, and CLIC

10/30/2000 Yuri Nosochkov

Dump line losses with the H (High Luminosity) parameter sets

10/17/2000 Tom Markiewicz

Presentation to the LCD Detector group of IR group work on IR Layout and Backgrounds

10/16/2000 Rainer Pitthan

Fixed Target Physics at the NLC: LCWS 2000 Practice Talk

10/9/2000 Kathy Thompson

Depolarization due to Beam Offsets in the Beam-Beam Interaction

10/2/2000 Takashi Maruyama

IP and Neutron Backgrounds in LCD-L2 with new 4.3m L* Masking

9/26/2000 Yury Kolomensky

Fixed target Physics at NLC

9/18/2000 Tom Markiewicz, Takashi Maruyama, Stan Hertzbach

Bend SR in the new FF and New Mask Configuration in the LCD-Large Detector for 4.3m L*

9/11/2000 Lew Keller

A First Look at Muon Backgrounds in the new FF without the Big Bend

9/5/2000 Tom Markiewicz

Presentation to the LCD Detector group of IR group work on what background process limits the minimum radius of the LCD VXD and why

8/28/2000 Jeff Gronberg

Continuation of the Discussion regarding the minimum radius of the LCD VXD and What the optimum length of the M1 ((dead cone) mask should be

8/21/2000 Jeff Gronberg, Takashi Maruyama, Stan Hertzbach

Discussion of what background process limits the minimum radius of the LCD VXD and why

8/14/2000 Lew Keller

Discussion of NLC Test Beams and Primary Beam Extraction for Fixed Target Experiments

7/10/2000 Sayed Rokni

Environmental Radiation Studies for the Collimation Section of the NLC Beam Delivery System

6/26/2000 Rainer Pitthan

An optical injector as an electron source for a NLC FEL

6/19/2000 Mike Woods & Stan Hertzbach

Systematic Effects on High Precision Z-Pole Running and QSR in the New Raimondi Final Focus

5/15/2000 Lew Keller

Edge scattering effects from the collimation system and a Muon Background Update

5/8/2000 Kathy Thompson

Depolarization due to the Beam-Beam Interactions

3/27/2000 Lew Keller

Muon Background Comparison: Helm Final Focus vs. Raimondi Final Focus

3/20/2000 Andrei Seryi & Takashi Maruyama

More on the Dynamic Aperture of the Raimondi Final Focus and an Update on Background Calculations

3/13/2000 Andy Ringwall, Yuri Nosochkov, & Andrei Seryi

Final Doublet Design for the Large Detector, New Skew Correction System Lattices, Dynamic Aperture of the Raimondi Final Focus

2/7/2000 Pantaleo Raimondi

FFTB Run II: a first discussion of how to modify the lattice to check Panta's New FF Design

1/31/2000 Mike Woods

Results from 10m arm Interferometer in Sector 10

1/24/2000 Pantaleo Raimondi & Andrei Seryi

A New Design for the NLC Final Focus

12/17/1999 Sayed Rokni

Activation of soil and ground water by 500 GeV electrons lost on a Beam Delivery collimation system spoiler

12/13/1999 Mike Woods, Jeff Gronberg

Talks from 1999 e-e- Conference: Precision Polarimetry (Woods) and Beackgrounds (Gronberg)

12/6/1999 Eric Doyle, Tom Markiewicz

ANSYS Calculations of Support Tube to Stabilize the FF Quads; Discussion of Changes to the IR model to be presented in 2000 Conferences

11/22/1999 Tom Mattison

Optical Anchor R&D at UBC

10/18/1999 Yuri Nosochkov

Beam Extraction Line Status

10/11/1999 Leif Eriksson

Beam Delivery Vacuum System: An Update

10/4/1999 Stan Hertzbach

Synchrotron Radiation Backgrounds - An Update

9/13/1999 Jeff Gronberg, Takashi Maruyama, & Tom Markiewicz

Solenoid Strength vs. Backgrounds, The Beam Line in GEANT, CDR 0.4 Lattice Choices

8/30/1999 Andy Ringwall & Knut Skarpaas

Update on the design of the Q1 REC Final Quadrupole and its Support and Alignment System

8/23/1999 Mike Woods

Summer 1999 Vibration Measurements at the FFTB

7/27/1999 Daniel Schulte

Beam-Beam Defllection Calculations required for design of the very fast intra-train feedback

7/7/1999 Mike Woods

Vibration Standards for NLC

6/21/1999 Peter Tenenbaum & Lew Keller

Wakefield Expt. Status report & Muon Background Calculation Update

6/7/1999 Jeff Gronberg & Knut Skarpaas

How to Reduce VXD Background from Backscattered Debris & Engineering Aspects of the Detector Interface

4/1/1999 Knut Skarpaas & Eric Doyle

Study of the Optimal Tunnel Temperature for the BDS and Engineering Analysis of the Full Power Dumps

3/22/1999 Tomomi Ohgaki

Study of Hadronic Backgrounds in Future e+e- Linear Colliders

3/15/1999 Takashi Maruyama, Yuri Nosochkov

Studies of Beam Loss in the Extraction Line on Aperture

3/8/1999 Kathy Thompson, Peter Tenenbaum, Yuri Nosochkov

NLC Parameters and their effect on Useful Luminosity; Solenoid and Crossing Angle effects using a realistic field map for the small detector

3/1/1999 Joe Frisch, Tom Markiewicz

SLAC based Collimator R&D plan and budget

2/22/1999 Sayed Rokni, Knut Skarpaas, Andy Ringwall

IR Hall Shielding Requirements, IR Layout Update

2/8/1999 Takashi Maruyama, Knut Skarpaas

Radiative Bhabha production and transport, Spatial Energy distribution of e+e- pairs, IR Layout Update

2/1/1999 Tom Markiewicz, Andy Ringwall Discussion of IR Layout
1/4/1999 Paul Emma

The TESLA Beam Delivery system

12/14/1998 Matt Bjork

How one could use process control feedback techniques to solve the IP quad stabilization problem

12/7/1998 Tom Markiewicz

NLC Detector Elements Close to the BeamPipe

11/30/1998 Ina Reichel

Methods of Calculating Beam Loss from Scattering Processes Including Beam-Gas, Beam-Beam Bremsstrahlung, and Thermal Photon Compton Scattering

11/23/1998 Mike Woods & Hyeonsoo Chang

Radiative Bhabha Production; Quad Simulator Vibrational Calculations and Measurements

11/9/1998 Mark Woodley Review of Optics Databases and their relationship to engineering data bases
11/2/1998 Peter Tenenbaum & Andy Ringwall Practice Talks for 11/4-5/98 Review: PT - Beam Tuning, Andy: Beam Line Magnets and IR Magnets
10/26/1998 Lance Dixon & Peter Tenenbaum

Forward Physics Constraints on IP Design ; New BDS Production Deck -- BDS9801

10/19/1998 Joe Frisch & Leif Eriksson

Active Vibration Dampers ; Beam Delivery WBS status

10/12/1998 Peter Tenenbaum

IR Solenoid and Flux Excluder

9/21/1998 Yuri Nosochkov

Dump Line lattice and Tracking

9/14/1998 Peter Tenenbaum

Collimator Wakefield Experiments

8/31/1998 Leif Eriksson & Andy Ringwall

WBS Introduction and Beam Delivery Component Lists based on the June 1998 "ZDR" Optics decks

8/24/1998 Kathy Thompson & Tor Raubenheime

Guinea Pig files; Physics processes that fix the Vacuum Requirements

8/17/1998 Kathy Thompson & Leif Eriksson

Update on Guinea Pig/ABEL vs. CAIN comparison; The BD Vacuum System

8/10/1998 Kathy Thompson

Comparison of the results of CAIN, ABEL, and Guinea Pig beam-beam simulation programs

7/20/1998 Tom Markiewicz Summary of 2nd KEK/SLAC ISG meeting
6/29/1998 Sayed Rokni

Sheilding and Radiation Protection Issues for the NLC Beam Delivery System

6/22/1998 Tracy Usher Plans for Investigating Operational Aspects of the FF
6/22/1998 Tim Slaton

FFTB Results: Ground Motion, Jitter, and Spot Sizes

6/15/1998 Takashi Maruyama

Update on Background Calculations

6/15/1998 Kathy Thompson

Luminosity Enhancement through Waist Shift

6/8/1998 Dieter Walz

Collimation Wakefield Test Plans

6/1/1998 Peter Tenenbaum

The New Beam Delivery Lattice and Optics

5/18/1998 No speaker

General discussion of Critical path tasks

5/11/1998 Speaker No Show General Discussion
4/27/1998 Peter Tenenbaum

Accelerator Physics To Do List

4/27/1998 Tor Raubenheimer & Tom Markiewicz Organizing Beam Optics Decks
4/20/1998 Dieter Walz On the Impossibility of Building Dump Line quads as specified in the ZDR
4/13/1998 Speaker No Show General Discussion
3/30/1998 Tor Raubenheimer Beam Delivery Group Goals and Schedules
3/23/1998 Mike Woods

FFTB Results on Ground Motion and Beam Jitter

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