1) Extraction Line Spectrometer Studies, Eric Torrence, Matt Sternberg
2) Update on emittance measurement studies -- Ilya Agapov
3) CF&S layout discussions -- Fred Asiri, Andrei Seryi


Eric and Matt presented detailed studies of energy spectrometer in downstream diagnostics.

Ilya presented a modified approach to reconstruction of 4d beam matrix, based on measurements in diagnostic section. It is attempted to use the fact that the matrix is positively defined (Cholesky criteria). The next step is to apply the method to a real optics. 

Fred presented the latest snapshots of BDS with 4m tunnels and alcoves and with 9m shafts in the middle of BDS triangle.

The draft list of IR hall parameters was discussed. The list needs to be expanded and updated.

We discussed the scheme of Wilhelm Bialowons which aimed to reduction of the amount of tapered tunnel in BSY. The scheme however create many issues with installation, access, emergency escape (the rule that cannot cross beamline during emergency escape), radiation, and upgrades.

Andrei Seryi, 08/30/06