1) Beam sweeping and shortening extraction line -- Lew Keller et al
2) Feedback and tuning in BDS -- Glen White
3) Muon wall, installation, alignment, CCR to 5m etc -- John Amann
4) CF&S layout of BDS, discussion


Lew described shortening the extraction line with more reliance on beam sweeping. Shortening by a 100m was found to be possible.

Glen described updated results for tuning of the final focus system. Introducing the second order sextupole knobs resulted in considerable improvements in comparison with previous results. The beam motion in front of the crab cavity was also shown and it is a fraction of a sigma.

John presented the design and installation considerations for the muon wall, and discussed the procedure and schedule of upgrade from 5m wall to longer walls. A corresponding CCR is under preparation.

New layout for 14/14 configuration in 2D was shown and discussed and 3D snapshots were shown. The layout includes a number of cost saving changes, such as reduction of the tunnel diameter to 4m, removal of service tunnel and considering alcoves, minimization of number of shafts, etc.

Andrei Seryi, 08/25/06