1) Comments of instrumentation in BDS -- Marc Ross
2) Update on layout of BDS tunnels -- Fred Asiri
1) Design of antisolenoids -- Brett Parker


We discussed instrumentation needed in BDS but not listed in the optics, such as diagnostics in extraction lines. How to measure power of extracted beam or photons. Aperture of BPMs in BDS. Deflecting cavities. Radiation monitors. Etc.

Fred presented ongoing work on CF&S layout of BDS.

Brett presented updated design of antisolenoids for SiD, which now use high temperature superconductor material and will run at 20-35K. The force on the antisolenoid increased (since it has larger radius now) but still much smaller than the force acting on the plates of detector. The field in the region of crab cavity at 12m (due to detector solenoid) is about 150Gs and does not depend on the antisolenoid.  

Andrei Seryi, 06/20/06